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Sherman Alexie

About the author of Part Time Indian

Chris Maher

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Sherman Alexie

By: Chris Maher Sherman Alexie Sherman Alexie is an author, poet, film maker and occasional comedian. Who Is He? He wrote tons of good story's Movies Story's Short story's Alexie was born on October 7 1966 About He' s nationality includes Spokane as well as Coeur d'Alene/American At 6 months old he went under brain surgery He was not expected to survive but he did On the Spokane Indian reservation in Wellpinit Washington Childhood Alexie had a hard life growing up on the reservation, due to his hydrocephalus he would often get seizures and needed strong drugs to control it. He was born with hydrocephalus His father Sherman Joseph Alexie was an alcoholic who often left the house for days To support her 6 children Alexie's mother Lillian Agnes Cox sowed quilts and worked as a clerk at a trading post School Life In order to increase his education Alexie decided to Leave the school on the reservation and attend Reardan High School The school was 30 miles away and he was the only student with Indian heritage He excelled in school and became a star basket ball player on the team After he graduated Alexie chased many career paths be for becoming a writer In 2005 Alexie became a founding Board Member of Longhouse Media Current Life Alexie may have had some failed careers but he found his success as a writer A nonprofit organization that teaches film making skills to native americans He lives in Seattle with his wife Diane Tomhave and there two boys He orignaly wanted to become a doctor
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