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Embodied Interaction

Lecture given at DSV September 9, 2013

Petter Karlström

on 21 September 2014

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Transcript of Embodied Interaction

Embodied Interaction
Physical philosophy
- Human Being,
Being-in-the-world (being mortal, aware, in relationships with others...)

The everyday is primary, not the rational.

But the everyday is also cause for inauthenticity

present-at-hand / ready-to-hand
equipment: something-in-order-to

The Question Concerning Technology
What is the
purpose of HCI?
Dreyfus (1979)
Winograd & Flores (1986)
Dourish (2001)
Our bodies and our placement
in the world matter!
Design principles (Dourish, 2001)
Computation is a medium
Meaning arises on multiple levels
Users, not designers, create and communicate meaning
Users, not designers, manage coupling (incorporation of entities into activity)
Embodied technologies participate in the world they represent
Embodied interaction turns action into meaning
thrownness - we exist in a world that already (a priori) matters

Embodiment is a property of interaction, not of systems:


Social + tangible = embodied
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