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School project on archetypes

Bryan Mills

on 27 August 2012

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HERCULES ARCHETYPES HERCULES Hercules is defineitely is the
hero because he goes on a
quest to prove himself a TRUE
hero, so he can rejoin his parents
on olympus (Father Zeus,
Mother Hera). He defeats
hundreds of monsters, but still
Zeus doesn't consider him a hero.
In the end he saves a woman
and defeats Hades and
rejoins his family THE MENTOR The mentor, Phil, a satyr who has trained many heroes, trains Hercules so he can prove himself true hero. At first Phil doesn't wan't to train Hercules because so many heroes have failed him, but then Zeus zaps him with a lightning bolt, and that sort
of convinced him. Phil has a hard job training him but eventually succedes in making him a great hero. THE DEVIL FIGURE Hades is the devil figure because he is pure evil.
His plan is to overthrow Zeus so he can be ruler
of Olympus, but the prophesy said that if Hercules
fought, his plan would fail, so he tries to kill
Hercules. Since hercules was born a god he has to
force him to drink a potion to turn him mortal,
but hercules drinks all but one drop and Hades
doesn't know. THE FRIENDLY BEAST Pegasus is the friendly beast
because he is a flying horse
that is hercules' ride/pet/friend
and he helps Hercules throughout
his journey to defeat Hades
and rejoin his family on Olympus THE CREATURE(S) OF NIGHTMARE The Titans are the creatues of nightmare
because they are what Hades needs to
defeat Zeus, and they have been locked
in the earth for many years. Hades frees
the Titans but since Hercules is fighting
they get defeated. THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS The damsel in distress is Meg because she is the first person Hercules saves and of course that starts their relationship. What Hercules doesn't know is that she is working for Hades, although Hades forces her to, but in the end she helps Hercules FIRE AND ICE For fire and ice it is the other gods
vs Hades and the Titans, because
Hades is the lord of death, is fighting
to rule the world and have it in
darkness, while the other gods
are trying to keep the world in light
and order. THE UNDERWORLD The underworld for this movie is literally the underworld, or Hades' lair, where he does all of his evil plotting. THE CROSSROADS When Hercules has to decide if
he wants to become a god and
rejoin his family or stay mortal
and stay with Meg, is when
there is a hard decision for
Hercules THE CASTLE The castle, or place of safety, is Olympus because
it is one of the safest places when the titans attack. THE WHIRLPOOL The whirlpool in this movie is a whirlpool of souls
in the underworld that Hercules has to jump into
to bring Meg back to life. HEAVEN VS HELL Heaven vs hell in this movie is Hades
(underworld) against Zeus (Olympus)
because they are literally heaven and
hell, and they are fighting each other 4 4 4 4 The number 4 represents the elements
(and many other things) and there are 4
titans that control elements. BLACK Black is the colour that represents darkness, chaos,death, and other bad or scary things, so
it represents the underworld very well because
the underworld is full of death, chaos, and darkness. By Bryan Mills and Donal Lynagh HERCULES Thank You!
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