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No description

jenette kelley

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of water

Water Water is something that you can drink something that you can clean with something that you need so you can stat alive.
Water is one of the important things that you need in live. Water has no color, on smell, no taste or no calories, but water is a vital element for all life forms. No human, animal or plant can live without it. In africa you can not drink the water because, The things they do. The water comes from the undergrand and when they have no tolites than they have to use the batoom in ground. That means that all of the nasty things that are underground that mixes with the water and the people in africa drinks the water. the thing that can be done is you can make the surrounding better get them cleaner water and toliets. In africa its one of the driest countries in the world Its about 787 million people in africa that are suffering from one of the major-water diseases. its about 650 people who die every day because of a disases called diarrhoea Africa is the worst country with the water problem the only way that you can get the diseases if you drink the dirty water. ALL OF THE DISEASES 1st Water-borne diseases
2nd Diarrhoeal diseases
3rd Water-based diseases
4rd Water-related vector diseases
5th Water-scarce diseases Three of the things that can be done to help the problems in africa is that you can go and get some cleaner water, you can get them some toliets, you can go see if you can find a cure of all of the water diseases. World Vision, as a child-focused humanitarian organization, is deeply concerned about the lasting impact this violence is having on the affected populations, especially on vulnerable children and their families. the way that i could help the way i can help africa is that when The way that i can help with the water problems i can find a cure for the problems.
I can join organization of the arifa needs help baddly.
I can join sponsonship and give away some things like a purifier to make the water cleaner. By: Je'Nette Kelley
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