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Judd Uy

on 25 September 2011

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Transcript of Picardy

History Bay of Somme Borders 486 ad 987 ad 13th century Products du Terroir Traditional Dishes Ficelle Picardie Flamiche Overview gfhh Departments Pique = picardy
Picardy Somme
Aisne Climate wet and fresh air masses coming from the Atlantic Ocean.
Sunny days all year round Major Cities Abbéville
Compiègne Laon
Soissons Influences Sole
Orielles de Cochon Seafood Fruits Vegetable Dessert Condiments Meat Cheese Drink red berries from Noyon
apples Presale du Agneau
Pork d'Antan Maroilles AOC
Rollot from Thierache Honey
Cider Vinaiger Gâteau battu (from Ponthieu)
Crème Chantilly (from Chantilly)
Amiens fine chocolate
Macaroon (from Amiens)
Milk marmalade (from Aisne) Perry cider
Strawberry wine

Soisson bean
Artichoke Maroilles Cheese Eel Rollot Mallard Champagne Cider Milk Jam Bean of Soissons Honey Potatoes Pork d'Antan Salicornia Chantilly Cream Salt Meadow Lamb Neufchatel Calvados
Champignons Products AOC Products
Cow's milk cheese
derived from the village of Maroilles
Sold in rectangular blocks with moist orange red wash rind
AOC since 1986
developed in the cellars in Thierache which gives the cheese a floral taste.

Cultivated in vineyards of Aisne
Mastered by Don Perignon
Aisne, Picardy owns 2,600 of vineyards of Champagne.
Made in municipalities of Aisne like Soissons, Chateau-Thierry

Distillation from apples or from harvested pears
a minimum period of a month for extraction and distillation
brandy has to be 40 C - 45 c
Made in municipalities of BEauvais, Oise.

rennet added to cow's milk, mixed and slightly pressed curd
soft, slightly salted, smooth and soft
after rennting it is refined for 10 days
45% fat
White flowery Crust
Named in Oise municipality, Quincampoix-Flouzy Lambs less than 12 months old
75 days martime pasture
minimal duration of breeding lambs before slaughter is 135 days
Salty swamps is from St-Quentin to Baie de Somme EEL (anguille)
IN haute-Somme since 1383
can way up to 2kg
Eel farms are present
Eels are also smoked

From baie de Somme, traded since renaissance period
When duck is two months old, feeds are wheat based
killed 13-15 weeks of age
season: end of June to mid-october
Mallard duck
Produced in the village of rollot by the Maroilles Abbey monks
made from cow's milk,
soft washed rind
average weight of 300 grams.
round shape of 8 to 9 cm in diameter and 3-4 cm thick, or heart-shaped.

Gateau Battu Rollot Beans of
17th Century, quoted to be the best bean specie
name given to a street in Soissons where the beans grew
characterized by a very fine skin and a pleasant creamy and buttey taste

Potatoes from Picardy Introduces to Europe to Spain in the 16th century
Antoine Augustin Parmantier popularized potatoes in somme
20% of Potoes in france comes from Picardy
two kinds
Firm Flesh
Consumption potato
Special varieties

Milk Jam Maroilles porc d'Antan Rhubarb Salicornia Artisan Mustard Honey plant that is able to live on salt grounds in the mudholes of la Baie de Somme.
Pulpy and succulent
HEalthy: accumulate mineral salts rich in A, c, D and trace.
also called Samphire
harvested in the end of may to end of july
400 tons of Salicornia are picked every year, 90% of france production
Eaten like condiment (w/ Vinegar) or as a vegetable (cooked like French BEans)

new developing crop, only appeared in the last century
Large Green leaves and long petioles = edible.
very sour the petiole is cooked with sugar to make jams for pastries
Can be made into wine or juice

Mustard made with cider or beer
considered as Saveurs de picardie - kneaded with a grindstone.
MAde with cider it produces unique smootheness
Made with beer slightly bitter

Famous for its yellow Honey
Harvest of honey takes place on August
Supplementary frames are put in beehives to get honey
used to replace sugar in tea
used for production of mead (honey wine)
used to make Macaroons of Amiens

Naturally bred.
Straw and grain fed only
delicate unique flesh and easily recognizable flavor
Discover was an accident...
very smooth and caramelized milk
Consistensy of Heavy Cream
Taste like toffee with the flavor of milk
Salt Marshes of Somme Champagne Nuef Chatel Calvados Caghuse Pate de canard D'amiens Amiens MAcaroons tuile d'Amiens Soupe de Hortillons Amiensa macaroons is a delicacy in Picardy
Made with almonds, sugar, honey, egg white, oil of almonds etc.
macaroons can be bought in Pontieau, amiens
Chewier and less sweet than Paris Macaroons Originally made in abbeville
translated as Beaten Cake because beaten egg is used.
an authentic Geteau Battu is in the forn of a chef's hat
served in family gatherings and popular feasts Main ingredients: Imported leeks, Maroilles cheese, cream butter
originally called flamique in picad dialect Pork knuckle braised with finely sliced onions, and it's own fat baked and served cold
unknown origin, but it was for workers
Recent dish in picardie's cuisine
Savory crepe rolled around a slice of ham containing chopped duzelle
gratinated in a cream sauce Known as pate en croute =baked in a thick pastry crust
The authentic recipe for this tasty duck pâté baked in a homemade, thick pastry crust was created in the early 1640s by a porkbutcher named Degaud.
Came from hortillionnage meaning Floating Gardens
Recipe composed of vegetable such as: potato, green peas, lettuce, cabbage, sorrel, leeks Lords of Coucy rissoles the tile is a thin round plate of chocolate decorated with almond flakes.
available in dark, milk, and white chocolate
This greed melting crisp and light dessert
Good with coffee, cakes and ice creams small deep fried pastry stuffed with meat or fish prepared during large fairs
Traditionally eaten at Coucy to honor Enguerrand II, the powerful lord of Coucy. Fin. Start here
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