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Chesapeake Bay Project 3A

No description

Bri Jones

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Chesapeake Bay Project 3A

Why is the bay important? The State of the Bay How to help All about the Chesapeake Bay By: Brionna Jones
Pd: 3A The bay is important b/c it provides:

Recreational activities (I.e., Boating, swimming, etc.) Problems that affect the bay Over population
Air Pollution
Urban Run-off
Vehicle Emissions
Excess Nutrients/Fertilizer
Chemical Contaminants
Waste water The health of the Bay improved one point over the last report in 2010, and is up four points since 2008, a 10 percent improvement in less than five years. Of the 13 indicators that make up the report, five improved, seven stayed the same, and only one declined. Reduce Pesticide waste
Keep sewage on board
Use fertilizer properly
Conseve water
Reduce Run-off
Resources http://www.cbf.org/how-we-save-the-bay
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