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John Cabot

Prezi for John Cabot

Xby Xby

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of John Cabot

An explorer who found Newfoundland.
(Probably why it's called that!)

John Cabot Profile

What Methods of Travel Did He Use?
His Voyages
John Cabot was looking for China and their riches on both his voyages, which helped him find Newfoundland on his second voyage. He claimed it to be Asia when it was actually North America.
Interesting Facts
Before he started sailing, John Cabot was in the trading business but, he got into financial trouble and left Venice.
He was inspired by Christopher Columbus and Bartolomeu Dias
It is suggested that John Cabot landed at Nova Scotia and Maine
John Cabot named his ship "The Matthew" after his wife Mattea
Our Voyage
(To find Newfoundland!)
So he could find China and their riches. (He accidentally stumbled upon North America though) He declared it was Asia. This is how he found Newfoundland. Being apart of his crew, we were there to experience this wonderful moment. The joy on his face was unbelievable. It was great!
His method of travel was ship. During his second voyage he traveled on his own ship called "The Matthew".

John was an explorer, the son of a spice merchant, and father to three sons; Ludovico, Sancto and Sebastiano
Reasons For Exploring
About The Authors
Our Story
One hot summer day, after a long day of work at our fishing shop, a mysterious man walked in. We didn't know who he was at that time, nor did he know us. He quickly asked if we wanted to be rich for just a small price. Confused we asked for more information. Then he told us his name and began explained how he wanted to be an explorer and conquer China for the English King to become rich. He also told us how we could be rich. Knowing that the shop didn't make very much money, being rich sounded pretty good. And so our adventure began.
Iris' Note
As the first mate, I had many duties. That included helping Mr. Cabot with his studies, and helping him name the land we found (He did most of the work. I cheered him on, though I'm not sure if it was a good idea...)

Lucius' Note
Shashank's Note
Lukas' Note
Thanks For Watching!
Our Story (Part 2)
There were 6 of us working in the shop. Lucius, Lukas, Shashank, Iris, Nate, and Joe. Only 4 of us were brave enough to join his crew for this journey. Lucius, Iris, Shashank, and Lukas. We told him we would join his crew, but only if we didn't have to pay any money to go on the voyage. He hesitated for a second and responded. "Don't worry about money, all I ask of you is to work hard on my ship. Oh, and you 4 aren't the only people I've recruited for my crew. There are 15 others waiting on my ship, 2 merchants, a surgeon and other sailors." Excited for the trip, we rushed to pack our bags. Early the next morning (after a hearty breakfast), we walked to the port to begin our voyage. After a while of searching we found the ship. It was big and had the name "The Matthew" engraved on the front. Mr. Cabot walked to the front of the ship. "Welcome aboard!" he said. "Come up here and I'll show you around." and so, our journey began...
As the hyperactive swordsman, I had to protect our ship
from pirates with the help of my fellow crew swordsmen. Along the way we were attacked by pirates and other aggressive sailors. It was my job to fight alongside my fellow crew members to keep the ship safe.
As being navigator I was the
brains of the operation and navigated us to victory.
During our voyage I was the lookout. I would sit in the crow's nest all day and make sure our ship was not attacked, and I would yell when I saw land.
Our Story (Part 3)
We're going to skip ahead to our second journey and summarize from there because it was our only successful journey. It was a rough one. We had to navigate through fog, past icebergs, and several big storms (Thank goodness for Lucius!). Then just before food ran out, we spotted land (That was Lukas!). We all wondered how we could have found China so quickly. As we drew closer to the land we realized that we had not found China at all. We landed and were greeted by people without shirts or pants. Only underwear. Iris tried to communicate with the new people using her vast knowledge of different languages but that didn't work, so we all came to the conclusion that....
Our Story (Part 4)
This obviously was a NEW FOUND LAND! Excited and overjoyed we started cheering, and Mr. Cabot declared that this place was going to be called Newfoundland, (the words put together like that). We cheered again. After a grand party we gathered supplies, and started our journey back home.
Iris: First Mate;

First Mates are like a backup Captain that advise the Captain on mostly everything.
Lucius: Navigator; Navigators advise the Captain were to sail but the Captain makes the final decision of where to go.
Shashank: Hyperactive Swordsman; Hyperactive Swordsman was not a common job for sailors at the time but Shashank pulled it off and very well too.
Lukas: Lookout; Lookouts stand in the crow's nest, looking out for obstacles, other ships and land. Most commonly using their trusty keen eyesight.
http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Cabot (Just for the image of his face)
John Cabot
Thanks For Watching! Again!
There were about 20 people on board Cabot's ship during the second journey. Cabot himself, a surgeon, a Burgundian sailor, two Bristol merchants, and many Bristol sailors (we were a part of that group). Whether any of Cabot's sons were members of his crew, well, we don't actually know, since there were many unknown faces and there was just no evidence either.
1450-Born in Italy.
1474-Married to Mattea.
1484-Moved to England
1496-First voyage. He encountered many problems so he had to turn back.
1497-Second voyage. He found Newfoundland on this journey.
Now we ask for money to fund an expedition to the REAL China. Please Donate Today!

We need 2 log on 2 the site 2 do it!
One of His Sons
(Ludovico Cabot)
There are many ideas of how John Cabot could have died. Some think he died on a third voyage. Others think he didn't make another voyage and he just died of old age with his family on land. There are also other unknown things about what else he might have discovered like maybe he explored more of the land he found. Or maybe he called it Newfoundland because there was nobody else there and he thought he was the first one to discover that land and until we find more evidence a lot will be unknown.
-John Cabot discovered Newfoundland. His discovery of Newfoundland allowed England to claim Canada.
-John Cabot was the first European since the Vikings to explore the mainland of North America.
-He was first to search for the Northwest Passage.
John Cabot was an excellent
navigator and sailor.
Technology Used
Some of the technology he might have used include the magnetic compass, the log, the lead line, the quadrant, or the astrolabe.
Impact on Exploration
John Cabot's travels inspired one of his sons Sebastiano to also explore, who followed in his father's foot steps and went on at least one voyage. His son was looking for the Northwest Passage also. Sebastiano even tried to take credit for his father's work.
Challenges Faced
John Cabot faced challenges like....
Disagreeing crew (Not us!)
Food shortage
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