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No description

La Shae Brown

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Enterprising

Why did I choose this job?
Second best choice
Great Benefits
Entry Level Pay
Average Salary Yearly: $145,118
The range: $128,503- $$165,115
Group life
Disability insurance
What I like about my Career
Still begin creative
Team business
The Pay
Education and Skills
critical thinking
problem solving
big picture thinking
people skills
communication skills
LaShae Brown
Per.4 AVID

Job Responsibilities
To work with Stakeholders
Come up with strategies for the companies IT system
Promotion of shared infrastructure and applications to reduce costs and improve information flow
Build employee knowledge and skills in specific areas of expertise
You want to be an open person and kind. Professional at all times and talkative.
How to advance
A way for you to improve in the field of architects to take on more responsibilities. Taking on more responsibilities helps you to advance in this career to become a senior architect.
What I don't Like
The one thing that I don’t like about this career is one of the skills that are required. Communication is going to be a problem for me and it’s something that I would have to work on. I am not a good speaker and I tend forget most things that need to be said.

A Challenge
I believe that the challenge for me would be communicating. Without communication it can make sells 10x harder.
A Surprise
The one thing that shocked me about this career is that it can be a factor of art. I could factor this in and it could help start up my business.
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