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OCPS History Semester Exams

Everything you need to know in 10 minutes.

John Harrell

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of OCPS History Semester Exams

Background Edusoft Administration Security OCPS Semester Exams
in 10 minutes or less Using Data 31% there is a mobility rate in
OCPS High Schools The State Standards, OCPS Instructional Guides, and Pacing Guide all help ensure that a student, regardless of which school he attends, will recieve the minimum content within a course. (or she) District End of Semester Exams exist to address issues such as mobility and equity. By tying exam questions closely to the standards, instructional guide, and pacing guide for each course, all teachers (and their students) will have access to the same information and expectations. Exam content does not, and can not, address the entire width and breadth of a well-taught course. It is a snapshot of the learning that takes place in a classroom, not the whole picture. However, that snapshot is a useful tool for teachers. By closely examining student results, they can identify strengths and weaknesses in their practice, and use that knowledge to build. District Exams are Mandatory. There are 50 multiple choice questions on each exam. Teachers are strongly encouraged to develop a written section (essay, DBQ, etc.), to be given and graded in the days before the district exam. The 50 multiple choice questions must make up at least 60% of a student's total exam score. More multiple choice questions may be added to the exam by the teacher, but they will be scored separately. Last semester, over 10,000 students took each exam. Over a dozen teachers from across the district have spent over 12,000 man-hours in training, writing, editing, and reviewing for each exam. Every OCPS teacher has an Edusoft.com account, whether or not you've ever used it. If you need your username and password, see your school's testing coordinator. to Edusoft.com using the username you were assigned and password you created. This is the welcome screen. From here, pick the Benchmark Exams on the top of your screen. On the Benchmark Exams page, select Assessments at the top. Log In Make sure you're showing "Current" in the pulldown menu. Pick the folder that your department chair/administration has shared with you. This changes, so the above picture may not be accurate for the folder name. When the correct exam is selected, click Print Answer Sheets Choose "Per Period" and "Include generic answer sheets..." The generic sheets are for students who are not yet on your roster. Each course and period you teach is displayed here. Select the appropriate on for the exam you are giving. The answer sheet looks like this. Make sure you print the original on a laser printer. You can photocopy the original to make sure each student gets one. Each school has its own policy about scanning. Your testing coordinator or administrator will explain that to you. The test name is at the top. It must match the answer book the student uses. Sometimes a class is larger than will fit on one page. In that case, there are two answer sheets. Electronic devices OCPS Semester Exams are secure tests. They are centrally distributed by the school, and collected after administration.
Teachers must not retain a copy, or make a copy of the exam. Students may not posess: Nope. Points for trying, but still no. Section 1008.24, FS, and State Board of Education test security rule, Rule 6A-10.042, FAC. Punishable by fine and/or jail. A There is an 'A' form and a 'B' form. Please use both evenly. Tests should be distributed to teachers the morning of the exam. Note cards or scratch paper Students should have at least 60 minutes to
complete the 50 question multiple choice section. Each teacher will have a class set of exams. Students should not write on the exam booklets. For students who are absent the day of the exam, the same administration procedures apply.

Some schools have found it easier to have make-up copies in a location such as the media center and administer them there, but every school is different. Student scores on the exam can be found under Class List Reports in Edusoft. Select "Library" in the upper right to read a quick guide about it. Exam grades are only the 1st step in formative assessment Through the Library, teachers can learn about other reports. The Performance Band report, for example, shows how students did as a group on each benchmark. This helps to identify each student's strengths and weaknesses for either remediation or enrichment. The next time that unit is taught, you can use this information to reinforce what worked well about your lesson, and reevaluate what didn't work so well. As on every exam, student accommodations (ESOL, 504 plans, IEPs, etc.) apply. If you have questions, see your school's compliance personnel. john.harrell@ocps.net Any Questions? contact John Harrell
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