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Creativity Journal/Portfolio

Meredith Adams

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Meredith_Adams_CJP

Creativity Journal Silicone has been increasingly replacing other materials for kitchen tools (oven mitts, cake pans, spatuals...) because it is non-stick and can withstand very high temperatures. Are there other tools that could be made better with silicone in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house? So many new inventions popular with consumers are "why didn't I think of that" ideas. What keeps us from thinking of ways to improve the world around us and just accept things as they are? I want to strive to always question why and why not. Mascara wands should be like nail polish sticks where the liquid is clicked out as needed through the brush's bristles. This would eliminate the buildup on the brush and help avoid clumping because the brush wouldn't be siting in the mascara liquid. Phone App to replace pagers in restaurants when you are waiting for a table- could tell your quoted time, elapsed time, and also have drink/appetizer or full menu for you to look at and decide what you want to eat while you wait. People would feel like they had a better sense of what was going on and not bother the hostesses as often. There should be sensors in basketball court, football field, ect. to know exactly when a player with the ball steps out of bounds or crosses a line (end zone, 3-point line, etc.) this way there would be less questionable calls and the score would be more accurate. Now that you can make donations just by texting a message to a number, with the donation amount showing up on your phone bill, how far away are we from having our cell phones to be our credit cards... swipe the phone and check out like your credit card; replace the toll tag, etc. What would this mean for credit card companies? Why do we still have human meter readers? Wouldn't it be more time efficient and cost effective to have the monthly numbers sent electronically to the company? Could connect through the homeowner's internet of WIFI. Exterior lights on campus should be on motion detectors to conserve electricity at night when fewer people are walking around. When the detectors sense someone walking in the area the lights would be illuminated. The money saved on electricity bills could be used to install more lights in ill-light areas to make campus safer. 'Pager' buttom to press when you arrive at a bus stop. During the day, this would allow transportation services to know how many people are at a certain stop and better plan for heaview usage times. At night, when buses run less frequently, it would be useful to send a bus just to that stop and not have them rumming all over for no reason. Curling iron with different size barrel attachments so that you don't have multiple irons for different size curls. The different barrels could snap into place on the handle that had a thin heating rod that would heat the barrel attachments. This profuct would take up much less room than multiple curling irons. The barrel attachments could even be stored within each other, smallest to largest, to take up less room. Everything in public bathrooms is becoming motion activated/no touch: flushing the toilet, turning on the sink, dispensing soap and paper towels, Why is the thing laging behing the doors? Motion activated sliding door don't make sense for the stalls, but they do for the entrance. What if you tap a button on the ground (like a gas pedal, lever on an office chair, etc.) to open the door? People commonly eat ketchup and mustard together, there should be a bottle divided down the middle with mustard on one side and ketchup so that they are easier to find in the fridge and take up less space. Either side could be closed off if you didn't like it or preferred more of one than the other. Nail polish- there has to be a better way to paint your nails than with a little brush. Polish chips so quickly and you always get it on the skin around our nail while you are painting them. Maybe there could be a type of spray paint for better, more even, quick coverage. Just need to find a way to block off your skin- maybe a tape like painters tape, lotion... Google should develop a photo based search engine. A photo could be uploaded into the search bar and then you could select the specific area of the photo that you wanted google to focus on. This would be great if you saw a picture of a skirt, for example, you really liked and wanted to know where you could buy it, or look for one similar to it. Hybrid Ideas:
Apple Slicer and Peeler- as the peeler rotates around the outside of the apple removing the skin, the slicer slices the apple into even wedges.

Nail polish and file- handle of the nail polish brush has a file imbedded into it so that you always have a file on hand when you are painting your nails.

Lint roller and iron- remove lint from the dryer at the same time you iron your clothes.

Laundry basket and an ironing board- bottom of the laundry basket made out of an ironing board material so that it can be flipped over and used as a table top ironing boards in dorm rooms or cramped apartments.

Coaster and a duster- bottom of the drink coaster would be made out of a dust cloth material so that the coaster would help keep the table top dust free.

Fly swatter and a vacuum- after swatting a bug, it could be easily and quickly vacuumed up.

Dog leash and a heartbeat monitor/fitness watch- many people walk their dogs for exercise and by placing a heartbeat monitor/fitness watch in the handle of the leash, people would be able to monitor their heart rate, how far they had been walking, how long they had been walking, and the number of calories they had burned.
Take and Bake Cakes (similar to Papa Murphy's Take N' Bake Pizza) would get cake batter already measured out into pans along with homemade icing and decorations. All you would need to do is put in the oven and ice. Much better quality, taste, and variety of flavors than box cakes. Also, more pride because make yourself rather than just picking it up from the bakery. Car keys should have a voice recorder built in so you can remind yourself where you parked. Have seperate ones you can buy but they arebulky and take up a lot of space on your key chain. Ballet flat that has attachable heels. Wedge, stiletto, or block heel, etc. could look into place providing multiple looks from 1 pair of shoes. Also, heels can be detached when walking long distance for more comfort. originality inspiration inventiveness imagination ingenuity resourcefulness creativeness vision Parking garages should install lights in the ground that when a car is not parked over it, it lights up to simply inform drivers that there is an available spot. The light would be able to sense the underbody of the car and turn off when a car was parked in the spot. This would be a much easier way to find a place to park in crowed parking garages at sporting events, malls, etc. Meredith Adams Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Team No. 503-04 THe end... For Now.
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