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Windows 10

No description

Vincent Trevino

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Windows 10

redesigned Metro UI
"the charms"
Windows Store
Start Screen
Tablet Based Interface on Desktop
The overall design of the new OS had the idea of bridging the gap between tablets and desktops. The outcome was a very confusing mess that alienated desktop users, losing the understanding of previous OS users.
By: Vincent Trevino, Austin Patton, Jennifer Hernandez, Isaac Molina
Windows 8/8.1's Problems Addressed
Windows 8/8.1's Problems
Metro UI
Microsoft's Metro UI unveiled in 2012 has received universal criticism for being an unnecessary change.
What is Windows 8/8.1?
Windows 8/8.1 Features
Adoption Rates Slower Than Vista
Windows Store
Removed Features
With the removal of key components of past versions of Windows, such as native POP3 support and DVD playback, many were turned off at the idea of third party software being a must.
Alternate Solutions
Windows 10
Windows 7
Alternate OS
At the time of release, Windows 8 had a mere 3.17% adoption rate while Windows Vista was installed on 4.99% of computers.
Microsoft's second attempt at an app store is full of scam apps, apps that don't do what they advertise, and a poor design that is difficult to navigate.
legacy support
easy to operate
OEM Windows 7 Professional is $140
Fixes virtually all problems of Windows 8/8.1
Free Upgrade from Windows 7/8/8.1
OEM Windows 10 Professional is $199
Free OS' such as Elementary OS or Ubuntu
Recommended Action
Stay on Windows 7 or upgrade to Windows 10 for free. If you are installing a fresh OS, freeware such as Elementary OS or Ubuntu are a smart choice.
Windows 8/8.1 alienated all users with confusing menus and adding hit and miss features and removing those that Windows 7 had perfected.

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