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University Development

No description

Mandy Hansen

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of University Development

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Contact Us
Phone: 928-523-2409
Website: international.nau.edu

Email: mandy.hansen@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-8009 Thank You! Website:international.nau.edu Popular majors for
international students at NAU Popular majors for
international students at NAU 989 International students
60 Countries of origin

3.17 Average GPA
22 Average Age
41% Female
59% Male
89% 1 year retention rate
2009-2010 AY PIE

Top sending countries:
China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait
& Germany International Student Facts International Admissions Highlights International Student Enrollment Redesigned the study abroad scholarship
advising process. 

Education Abroad now supports
international internships and research.  Education Abroad Highlights Education Abroad Highlights 451 students in 2011/2012 Education Abroad Highlights Center for International Education Highlights
-Global Learning Initiative
-Global Science and Engineering Program
-The NAU Global Center for International Education Global Learning Symposium
Faculty-led Short Term Study Abroad
Faculty & Departmental Awards – Excellence in Global Learning
NAU International House Global Learning Center for International Education
Fulbright Scholar Program
Faculty China Lecturing Program
Support for Research Collaboration with International Colleagues
Support for Scholarly Activity Overseas Faculty Engagement –
International Teaching & Research Center for International Education GOALS
Leadership in the development and execution of the university’s strategic plan on internationalization

Provide services to international students and visiting scholars, manages the recruitment and admission of international students, and provides extensive support to NAU students seeking study abroad opportunities

The Center for International Education sees its mission as working to prepare NAU graduates for global citizenship. Center for International Education TOTAL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ENROLLED AT NAU NAU Guest Lecture Program-Summer 2010 Center for International Education
Institutional Leadership Around Global Education
Advocate for Global Learning in the Curriculum
Support Faculty Engagement in International Teaching Research Activity
Provide Services to New & Enrolled Int’l Students, Education Abroad Students
Cultivate Relationships with Int’l Alumni in Support of Global Education on Campus CIE’s Principal Activities Mandy Hansen
Director of International Admissions & Recruitment
Associate Director for the Center for International Education Welcome Shijiazhuang Univeristy Faculty! Center for International Education International Students at
Northern Arizona University Vice Provost
International Education
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