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God and the New Physics

No description

Samantha Cordero

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of God and the New Physics

God and the New Physics
4 Big Questions of Existence
1. Why are the laws of nature what they are?

2. Why does the universe consist of the things it does?

3. How did those things arise?

4. How did the universe achieve its organization?

Religion vs Science
The Universe
Described as a whole, not an entity.
Science: "Big Bang" theory
18 billion years ago
Second Law of Physics
entropy of the universe always increases
"heat death"
steady-state theory
Religion: "Creationism"
There must be a first cause for everything
Life, Mind, Soul and Miracles
Time, the End and the Physicist's Perspective
Paul Davies
Internationally acclaimed physicist, writer, and broadcaster
Currently a theoretical physicist in quantum physics, astrophysics and cosmology
worked on astrobiology for 20 years
Currently working BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science - which researches issues concerning the big philosophical questions such as the origins and end of the universe
Written by: Paul Davies
Presented by: Samantha Cordero
What is the New Physics?
1. Theory of relativity
Special Relativity
Laws of physics apply no matter the speed
light always travels at the same speed for all observers
Time: The faster you're moving the slower time passes
General Relativity
gravity is caused by bending time and space

2.Quantum Theory
Based around the idea that energy such as light is made of small separate units of energy
Described the fundamental forces (except gravity) that physicists have found in nature
"Primordial Soup"
created by an accidental organization of complex molecules
Mind and Machine
brains are hardware, minds are the software, we are the machine
If we are not like machines, then we are controlled by a soul
What is a miracle?
God = 'Timeless'
Space = Time
Second Law of Physics

"I began by making the claim that science offers a surer path than religion in the search of God. It is my deep conviction that only by understanding the world in all it’s many aspects – reductionists and holist, mathematical and poetical, through forces, fields and particles as well as through good and evil – that we will come to understand ourselves and the meaning behind this universe, our home.”
“This is not a book about religion...nor is it a science book. It is a book about science and its wider implications”
2 Faces
* *
Quantum Theory
Successful in discovering
electron microscope
nuclear power
Bohr/Einstein debate
Free will
Electron Microscope
Nuclear power
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