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Abusive Safety Plan

No description

Michelle Garcia

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Abusive Safety Plan

What is the second step to follow if you are an employee being abused by a patient?
A.)Report B.)Address C.)Lead as an example D.) Prevent

It's okay to use physical violence to calm them down, if they hit you first.
True or False?

If you are under the age of __ and experience an abusive incident in the hospital tell your ________ or ______ at the moment.

Which category would you be placed under if are at a hospital getting help/treated and witness an abusive incident?
A.)Employee B.)Visitor C.)Patient

Never tell your guardian or a higher authority that you were mistreated at the hospital.
True or False?
Prevent- Spread awareness about abuse and improper treatment. Make sure clientele knows how to properly and kindly assist patients.
Address the person- Ask them if that's what they're suppose to be doing and/or tell them how to properly do their job.
Report- Tell a person or persons of higher authority to take action of the problem.
Lead as an example- By treating patients properly you help other workers want to do the same.
We ask that all visitors respect and be kind to our patients and staff members. This is to insure the best care taking.
If you are visiting and witness an abusive interaction we ask that you address the nurse/doctor or patient
Report the incident to a hospital director before confronting authorities
If the problem isn't fixed report to authorities
If you're under 18 y/o and experience an abusive incident in the hospital, tell your guardian or the person with you at the moment.
If you're 18 y/o or older and experience an abusive incident please report it to the hospital operator.
Abusive Safety Plan
By: Alyssa Vargas, Michelle Garcia, Jazmyn Mitchell, & Brandon Venegas
If patients, visitors, and/or workers are seen being abused or being abusive follow plan accordingly;
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