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Noth: the God of Space

No description

Aaron Oliver

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Noth: the God of Space

Noth The God of Space His symbol is emptyness ...it can be anywhere He was formed by Zeuz's light... Hades's darkness and fire... and Posieden's water and ice. Space is huge and never ending giving him immortal life (like any god). Whenever he can, he will suck up planets and stars, crumbles them, then spits them out. His weakness is when there is to much light from a sun and there is barely any darkness. A Brain!!! (cough) He is a little clueless
since he doesn't have... you know... His children are the gods. He formed them to were humans would see them as planets Another weakness is when planets or stars are in his personal bubble.
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