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The Great Gatsby Playlist

No description

Jayda Little

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Playlist

This song describes Chapter 1 because it discusses two different feelings. This relates to the first chapter of the book because Nick explains and describes the two different sides of town. One feeling makes you feel like you're in the grave and the other makes you feel like you should be. The people in the different eggs are careless and they only care about their riches.
"Two Sides of Lonely" by The Lone Bellow
Chapter 1
Chapter 3
"Party" by Beyonce

This song goes with Chapter 3 of the book because its about partying. This chapter is about the parties that Gatsby throws and people from East and West Egg goes to these parties even without invite. Nick says he might be the only one who is invited but everyone likes to party so they all go.
Chapter 4
"Missing You" by Trey Songz

This song describes Chapter 4 because its about Gatsby missing Daisy. He tells Nick all about his past and where he comes from but he tells Jordan that he is in love with Daisy. Jordan tells Nick that Gatsby want him to to set up a meet between Gatsby and Daisy at Nick's house because he can't get over her and he hopes that she'll take him back after he sees him and his mansion.
Chapter 2
"I'm in Love With Another Man" by Jazmine Sullivan

This song goes with Chapter 2 from Myrtle's point of view. Nick, Myrtle, and Tom go to a party together and Nick finds out that he is having an affair with her. Myrtle loves Nick and she taunts him by saying Daisy's name. She knows its wrong but she does it anyways and Tom punches her in the face.
By: Jayda Little
The Great Gatsby Playlist
"Reunited" by Peaches and Herbs

This song represents this chapter because Gatsby and Daisy are finally reunited. Its their first meeting again in years and its an intense moment even though they stand nowhere near each other.
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
"My Story" by Sean McGee

This song represents chapter 6 because its about a man explaining his life story. In the song he basically says nobody knows where he came from and what he's been through. This goes to the with the chapter because Gatsby explains his life to Nick.
"Take A Bow" by Rihanna

This song is about a woman finding out that a man has cheated on her. It represents chapter seven because this is the chapter where everyone's affairs come to light.
Chapter 7
Chapter 9
"New Day"

This song represents Chapter 9 because its about starting a new day. The song says t celebrate new days and look forward to them all. It relates to the chapter because Nick speaks of leaving the town, leaving everything behind him, and continuing on with his life.
Chapter 8
"Man Down" by Rihanna

This song represents the chapter because its about a woman killing a man. She shot him out of jealousy because he was playing her but now she regrets it and speaks of leaving town. In the book after Gatsby is murdered, its regretted and he kills himself.
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