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West Africa

No description

Danielle Schultz

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of West Africa

West Africa
by:Darrious,Danielle,Jose Government traditional people physical geography countries:Benin,Burkina Faso,Gambia,Ghana,Guinea, Guinea Bissau,Ivory Coast,Mali,Liberia location: West Africa boardered by
the Atlantic Ocean south of the Sahara
landforms: Sahara Desert and the Niger River climate: heavy rain, hot tempetures Fulani
they Origenated 1,000 years ago they adopted the islamic religion located: Nigeria, Sengal, and Guinea female children help thier mothers around the house girls get married in the early teens and males stay unmarried untill their early 20's food: yogert, milk,butter,
in the morning they drink milk or grule
main food: heavy porage made out of millet, sorghum, or corn
Education: children attend islamic school and the also learn from their elders multi party republic, one party,federal repubic, and consitutional democracy Popular Culture down town streets are paved and well lighted desent houseing is becoming more of a demand skyscrapers and high rises are becoming atrend in the down town area of west africa Visit? I would like to visit west africa because of it's rich culture and beautiful heritage. I would like to visit the markets along the rivers and other water ways.I would like to visit small villages hidden away in the hills and behind mountains. Taste the culture that has grown and florished over time. Listen to traditional African music and see the dance native to african villages and countries. mali Benin
citations: World Cultures germany to jamaica. 4t . Thomas L. Roming, 1999 print Citations Africa,Asia, and the Pacific Realm, layton,UT:gibbs Smith 2008.print
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