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Comic Strip Lesson Plan

No description

Amber Ciralsky

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Comic Strip Lesson Plan

by Danille Pressley
Amber Barham Comic Strip Writing Florida NextGen Standard
LA. The student will adjust reading rate based on purpose, text difficulty, form, and style. Standards Common Core Standards
LACC.6.W.1.3.c. Use a variety of transition words, phrases, and clauses to convey sequence and signal shifts from one time frame or setting to another ESOL Florida Performance Standards for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Standards

Standard 18 Create a positive classroom environment to accommodate the various learning styles and cultural backgrounds of students. Blooms Taxonomy Remember
Creating Rationale
This lesson is important because students need to be able to use a variety of words and phrases from one time frame to another and they will do so by creating their own comic strip. Teaching Task
Concept Purpose Statement:

The purpose of this lesson is to teach the students to learn to write dialogue by creating a comic strips with a prompt from the teacher. This allows the students to be creative in their writing, but also to write in a dialogue context. Objectives

The students will create and describe characters and their actions through adding details such as clothing, speech or thought balloons, background, and props. Assessment
The student will be assessed on their creativity and for including a variety of details per frame such as: clothing, speech or thought balloons, background, props, and sentences. Accommodations ESE – The student will have a peer buddy working along with them to help them with creating a pre-printed idea for their comic strip or they can create a comic on a topic they choose. The student will also have assistance for writing out the words, phrases, or sentences for this assignment. The student will receive step by step directions on this assignment to take home for parents to review with them along with the teacher giving them a one on one session on the assignment before class.

ESOL- ESOL student will use pre- printed ideas for creating their comic strip, where they will be able to choose from the given topics or they can create a comic on a topic they choose. The teacher will model how to complete the task using visuals that reinforce spoken or written words. The graphic organizer will be a flow map made to look like a comic strip to support understanding of the specific task. The students will have lots of opportunities to practice and role play the strips they have written.

GIFTED - The student will complete the given prompts and also create a comic strip of their own using http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/. The website is presented in both English and Spanish for the students’ use. Vocabulary

Comic-something that leads to laughter

Detail- a fact

Prop- an object that stays in place

Role Play- acting out a part of a different character Teacher and Student Activities:

1. The teacher will introduce prompt writing to the students with at comic strip including the writing in the strip.
2. The teacher will read the comic to the students
3. The teacher will ask the students questions about the writing prompt
4. The teacher will give direction on writing this comic strip
5. The teacher will have the students write a comic strip based on the same prompt from their point of view
6. The teacher will have the students read their comic strips orally
7. The teacher will have the students write another comic strip based on two to three characters in their life or pretend characters.
8. The teacher will have the student to read, ask, and answer questions in regards to their comic strip
9. The teacher will give the students a take home comic strip prompt
10. The teacher will answer questions about the assignment
11. The teacher will give the students time to start the assignment in class
12. The teacher will have the students to turn in the in class assignment they have completed

Teacher/Student Independent Practice:
1. The student will listen to the comic strip read by the teacher
2. The student will a talk about the comic strip in detail through guided conversation from the teacher.
3. The student will create a comic based on the comic teacher provided from their point of view.
4. The student will read their comic orally if they are comfortable doing so
5. The student will receive instructions on the take home assignment and ask questions at this time
6. The student will begin to create their own comic strip using details such as: scene and actions that occur, characters present, and landscape and props.
7. The student will turn in all classroom comic strip activities to the assignment box

Teacher/Student Closure Actions:
The teacher will have the students place the comics in a bin on her desk if they would like to have them posted on the creative writing board for others to see. The students will take home a comic strip writing assignment that they will be assessed on the next school day. Anticipatory Set

The teacher will start off by showing the students a created comic strip using the projector and discuss what is funny to the students to give them an idea of what to do when completing the assignment. Real-life Application

This assignment will help students with limited language, by giving the student support acquisition of the skills through the strip. For students with performance issues, it will help them create their own scripts with the visual support of the cartoons and the balloons. Teacher’s Reflection

This lesson is yet to be taught but we have learned that it is important for students to be able to use a wide variety of words in their vocabulary. This comic strip will help them in doing that. Curriculum Materials
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