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Gaming the next sport?

No description

Kenny Tran

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Gaming the next sport?

Gaming is making its way in as a sport
Some people consider gaming on the olympic level
In scientific studies some people have seen that the average gamer is put under the same conditions as a regular sports player and that they are put under intense stress while playing in the competitive level
The Amound of money a gamer makes yearly and the stream companies
On Average a gamer is able to make a living based on the skill level they are at with a certain game. In the gaming industry is growing and companies like Amazon are starting to notice this and are spending billions in the programs like twitch and other broadcast programs. And some people say who will watch these evens but over 21 million people watch these which is more than Baseball's World Cup
Companies who invest money to E-Sports
League players
League is one of the most popular games on the twitch website along with other games like CSGO(Counter Strike: Global Offense), and HeartStone. As we continue in the era we will see a rise to all these players anymore people will start to endorse these games. And as we grow up these games are making so that we can have a entertainment business and not just movies and TV and Movies.
Gaming the Next Sport?

Now Esports are becoming more popular too people on stream sites like Twitch.tv
People are making a living on Twitch by entertaining people with these games and the competitive games
1 Billion is a lot of money
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