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"All About Me" Presentation

A presentation describing who I am.

Kiran Patel

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of "All About Me" Presentation

"All About Me" HOBBIES I have one hobby.
I like collecting bugs in glass.
They are real bugs surrounded by a thick block of glass.

My collection started when I got a small bug when I was 8. After that I started getting them on almost every occasion like christmas, birthdayS and gatherings. My collection includes very cool and poisonous bugs. That is why I collect these bugs. By Kiran Patel FAVOURITE BOOK My favourite book is Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. It is the 3rd book in the series and is definately the best one. I like it because it has werewolfs dementors and different kinds of mythical creatures. It is also good because it has some suprising/ suspensefull moments. Sports My favourite sports are football
and basketball. First of all I like
football because at recess I play it
almost evry day. Since I have started
playing I have gotten pretty decent at
the game. I like basketball because I
started playing it at a very young age.
That is why those are my favourite
sports. FAVOURITE MOVIE My favourite movie is "Harry Potter 7 part 2".
I like it because it has many different things
happening. It is: sad, scary, suspenseful,
action packed and adventurous. Harry Potter
is also my favourite movie series. That is why My
favourite movie is Harry Potter 7 part 2.
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