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Hominids and the Paleolithic Era

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Alison Balthis

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Hominids and the Paleolithic Era

Tree of Human Life Hominids and the Paleolithic Era Where were the remains of the earliest
human ancestors found? Can you find Ethiopia on the map? What continent is it in?
What country is north of it? Fun Fact: This is the Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano
in Tanzania
This volcano is the only volcano in the world to release natrocarbonatite lava—highly fluid lava that erupts at roughly half the temperature of more common basaltic volcanoes. Bizarre geologic formations develop as the lava rapidly hardens and decays. What were some important geographic features for the beginning of mankind? Rivers

Locate the Nile river on your map. Color it in in blue. What body of water does
the nile river flow into? Shade that body of water blue as well.
What continent is the Nile River on? Label this continent Shade the Nile River Valley
The Nile River begins in East Africa. The river flows north and empties into the Mediterranean Sea. Along the way, the Nile picks up lots of rich, dark soil. Each year, the river overflows its banks, flooding the land around it. Beginning in ancient times, the floodwaters left behind soil that was perfect for growing crops. This factor greatly influenced early human settlement in the Nile River valley. Another area where early
humans lived was the fertile crescent.
Label this area green. Locate the two rivers the flow through the fertile crescent, color them blue. Color the other bodies of water around this continent blue. What are their names? Shade the deserts in brown. http://app.discoveryeducation.com/player/?assetGuid=087a5ca9-95c9-4e22-9411-5961ea4a1397&fromMyDe=0&isPrinterFriendly=0&provider=&isLessonFromHealth=0&productcode=US&isAssigned=false&includeHeader=YES&homeworkGuid= Go to TCI-. Click lesson 2 "Early Hominids" As a class we will read section 1. Read section
2. Complete the notebook on this lesson. Exit Slip! Great work!
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