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Larra Derden

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Nutrition

Great Value 0.96
Birdseye $1.78
Frozen Corn
Frozen Cauliflower
Picsweet 10oz $1.00 each
Greengiant 9 oz weight watcher $1.38
All Natural (family size) 24oz $1.98 (better buy)
Frozen had the most Calories 30 out of canned and fresh
Sugar was listed on package as less than 1g
More spinach is squeezed into a box of frozen spinach (more spinach in less volume)
Sodium was 125mg
Frozen Spinach
Nutrition Facts
Green beans
Great Value vs Green Giant
Frozen Green Beans
Boxed Mashed Potatoes
Great Value $0.66
Libby $0.77

Canned Corn
Marketside 10oz $2.34
Marketside Baby Spinach 5oz $3.29
Organic Baby Spinach 10oz $4.78

Baby Spinach was the most expensive at only 5 oz. If you were to compare to the others at 10oz it would be $6.58.
The serving size on fresh is more, but canned and frozen is condensed and cooked
Fresh has the best nutritional values
Vitamin A 110%, Vitamin C 40%, Calcium 8%
Fresh Spinach
Great Value vs Green Giant
Can Green Beans
Frozen French Fries
Fresh Cauliflower
Presented By:
Angela Robinson
Carolyn Mature
Larra Derden
Robyn Garza
Shelby Vinson
Fresh Potatoes
Fresh Green Beans
Organic vs Raw
The nutritional value of the
store brand versus name
brand is the same.

They were basically grouped
together by name brand and
store brand. It made it more
difficult to compare price and
nutritional values.

The store brand on canned
corn had more calories,
sodium, sugar and protein
then the name brand.

The canned corns had the name brand and the
store brands closer together so that you were
better able to compare price and nutritional
Ore Ida
Golden Crinkles: $2.42
32oz (2lb)
There is relatively no difference in the nutritional facts but the price is an important factor with the store brand being 15% less than the name brand.
Canned Spinach
Great Value
Russet Potatoes, 5 lb bag $2.67
Great Value Crinkle Cut
French Fries: $1.78
32oz (2lb)
Earthbound Farm Organic
Russet Potatoes, 3lb bag $3.77
Idaho Spuds
13.3oz $2.78
Great Value Mashed Potatoes 15.3oz $1.58
They both had relatively the same nutritional facts except for the Great Value brand having twice as much potassium. The main difference between them is that the store brand comes with 2oz more for 28% of the cost of the name brand.
Great Value 13.5oz $0.68
Del Monte 13.5oz $0.98
Del Monte 27oz $1.78

Canned had the most sodium 190mg
Potassium (260 mg) was labeled on the can
Walmart brand was the better buy for a 13.5 oz can
More spinach is packed into the canned then fresh
The nutrition facts are identical for the organic vs. regular russet potatoes, the only difference being the organic potatoes are half the size of the regular so you get to eat 2 per serving. The 3lb. bag of organic potatoes cost 17% more than the 5lb. bag of regular potatoes. So, a 5lb. bag of organic potatoes would cost 40% more than the 5lb. regular potatoes.
1 Head (2lb, 4oz) $1.98
16 oz. bag, 1 lb. .98¢
Great Value
-Less calories and sodium than fresh
-Great amount of vitamin C
-At eye level and only Walmart brand
-Contains potassium, frozen doesn't
-No fat
-1 extra carb vs. frozen
-100% of DV for vitamin C!
-Larger serving size than frozen
-5 more calories
-No fat
Health benefits of cauliflower:
digestive support

Cauliflower can be eaten as a snack between meals, prepared as a side dish, or as an addition to soup or salad.
Great Value $1.97 for
Green Giant $1.25 for
Organic $2.99 Per lb
Fresh Raw $1.79 Per lb
Major differences were in
the Vit A and the Iron, the
Organic had much more to
offer than the fresh raw
green beans. Also, the price
of the Organic had a $1.20
Great Value $.66 for a
14.5oz can
Green Giant $.68 for a
14.5oz can
As it is shown the Great
Value nutrition label
have more facts than
the Green Giant label.
Everything else was
very close with the
exception of the
Sodium content.
The Great Value label had
more facts to offer than
the green Giant label.
(Potassium and Folic Acid
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