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Child Abuse

Child Abuse is a cycle, but it can be broken.

Jeanna Wilson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Child Abuse

Child Abuse Child Abuse is a cycle but can be broken One out of four children die because of Abuse. A 6 year old boy shot and killed a 6 year old girl in a classroom because of the enviroment he was raised in. Types of Abuse.. Emotional Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Physical Abuse
Mental Abuse
Neglect How to Stop the Abuse.. Reassure the child they did nothing wrong. Show them you understand what they are going through. Real Life. 3,000 of the youngest kids die because they are too weak to fight for themselves. Imagie never growing up. Neglect. Frequently absent from school. Begs or steals food. Physical Abuse.. Unexplainable burns, bites, bruises, broken bones, and black eyes. Cries when it's time to go home. Emotional Abuse.. Withdrawn, fearful, and anxious about doing something wrong. Does not seem attached to the parent. Sexual Abuse.. Make strong efforts to avoid a specific person. Runs away from home. Every 13 seconds a Child is Abused. 84% of prisoners were abused as a child. April is National "stop child abuse" month. Child Abuse can happen to any child. We need to put a stop to it before it is too late.
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