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Resources Project

No description

Chalimar Brown

on 27 September 2018

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Transcript of Resources Project

Is your resource...
recyclable, renewable or non-renewable.
Brainstorm ways to protect our supply of that resource.
You might...
Consider ways to reduce, reuse or recycle your natural resource.
Create a Visual Action Plan!
Resources Project
There are 3 Kinds of Resources
Resources that recycle through our environment naturally.
Action Plan?
You can make a Trifold or Single Poster Board
(cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio
ex. Nitrogen, Carbon, Water
What should I have in my Action Plan?
Resources that can be replaced.
ex. Trees and Other Living Things
Resources that cannot be replaced when they are used.
ex. most non-living things (minerals, coal, natural gas, and petroleum)
50 points- Followed Directions to Create Action Plan
10 points Spelling
20 points- Works Cited
Specific Tasks
Choose a Resource
How can we protect our supply of (your chosen natural resource)?
an action plan is a sequence of steps that must be taken or activities that must performed well, for a strategy to succeed.
What will YOU do? Have at least 5 tasks that you and others can do to create awareness on how to reduce, reuse or recycle your natural resource.
10 points- Grammar
10 points- Labeled Pictures (remember, it's a VISUAL action plan)
Any Questions?
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