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PR & Social Media Campaign

No description

Max Doyle

on 26 April 2015

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Transcript of PR & Social Media Campaign

PR & Social Media Campaign
By Polkadot PR for Impressed Juice
February 2015

Impressed Juices is a range of premium natural juices that are cold pressed from fresh, locally-grown vegetables, fruits and nuts
Compared to other cold pressed juices on the market, Impressed Juices are gently cold-pressed and never heat treated, retaining the nutrient content in the beverage
They will launch into 900 Woolworths from mid April and will roll out to various on premise cafes and independents shortly after
Impressed Juices is manufactured, owned and distributed by Made Good and have approached Polkadot PR to prepare a well rounded PR and Social Media plan
Campaign Objectives
Differentiate Impressed Juices from competitors on the market
Drive consumers in store to purchase
Trade relations to increase distribution
Drive consumers to interact on a social media
Highlight the USP of the brand (no HPP, Local farmers etc)
Engage with customers through sampling
Generate press coverage and increase SEO
Target Market
1. Rebecca - 38 year old part-time worker, MGB of the household, seeking healthy alternatives for her family of pre-teen kids, works part time, exercises once a week, reads Marie Claire, News.com.au and a sneaky weekly trashy mag

2. Elle - 30 year old yogi who has tried every eating program under the sun from Paleo to the 5:2 diet, unmarried, lives with flatmates, works full time and has a high disposable income. No dependents, not cost conscious, loves a good fad. Scours Instagram, Facebook, loves OK magazine and Harper's Bazaar

3. Sasha - 26 year old who eats a plant based diet and no dairy, follows all the health gurus and nutritionists' online and seeks inspiration from Instagram. She is looking for nourishment, not a meal replacement or juice cleanse She's saving up to move out of home and works full time.
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