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Creating A Prezi

No description

Lynn Aubin

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Creating A Prezi

Adding and Formatting Text
Adding Text

Click the canvas to add text

Use the mini toolbar to choose:
Title, subtitle, or body
Font size, colour, or text background
Text alignment, and
Bullets, if needed
Moving Text

hover your mouse over the text
Hold down left mouse button
Drag and drop the text to its new location
Resizing Text While Editing

Click the text
Hold down the left mouse button
Drag the handles to resize
Resizing and Rotating Text

Go out of edit mode
Select the text
Drag the handles to resize, or
Drag the small circle to rotate the text
Creating the Path
Click on the pencil icon, beside the "Add" button, on the left side of your screen
Click on the images, frames, or textboxes that you want to add to the path
Rearrange the order of the path by dragging the thumbnails in the path navigation pane to the location of your choice
Inserting Video
Two ways to insert video:
1. Insert Youtube video using the web address
2. Insert video from file
2nd way - PDF or video from File
Inserting Music
Click "Insert" at the top of the Prezi screen
Select "Add Background Music
Navigate to where you music is saved
Double click on the music to insert
Make sure to add it to the path
Click "Insert" at the top of the Prezi screen
Select "Youtube Video"
Insert the Youtube web address
Click "Insert"
Resize and place Youtube clip as you like
1st way - Youtube
Click "Insert" at the top of the Prezi screen
Select "From file (PDF, video)
Note: this is also how you insert a PDF
Navigate to where your video is saved
Double click on the video to insert
Note: Loading the video can take a few minutes
Relocate and resize the video as needed
Make sure to add it to the path
Find your inner child,
bring back that creativity that you long for, and have some fun.
Creating A Prezi
Click "Insert" at the top of the Prezi screen

Select "Image"
Find the image in one of two locations
Google Images, or
Browse your files
Double click the image to insert
Inserting Images
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