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Canadian Government

No description

Miss. Li

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Canadian Government

(represented in Canada by the
Governor General) David Lloyd Johnston Federal Municipal Provincial Legislative Judiciary Executive House
Commons Senate highly respected and admired
appointed to the position for a five year term on the advice of the Prime Minister
duties include:
opens Parliament and reads the Throne Speech (a speech explaining who at the govt wants to do)
swearing in the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers (after a general election, appoints the new Prime Minister as the person whose party had the most seats elected).
opening and dissolving parliament
signing bills passed by the House of Commons and the Senate
hosting royal visitors and other important visitors to Canada
traveling to other countries to represent Canada
presents awards for bravery and achievement to Canadians. ELECTED and become Members of Parliament (MP's)
Located in Parliament Buildings in Ottawa
What can you tell me about the Members of Parliament?
305 MP's
each MP holds a seat in House of Commons
they discuss issues and pass laws
Which party forms the govt?
most members elected
leader of party becomes Prime Minister
Official Opposition
party that has second most elected members
question the plans of the govt to improve them
Speaker of the House
makes sure all MPs play by the rules Most Important Person: Prime Minister Most Important Person: Premier Most Important Person: Mayor STEPHEN HARPER
(leader of Conservative Party) most powerful person in the country
has the final decision on what should be done in all areas of the Federal Govt.
leader of the political party that holds the majority of seats in the House of Commons
appoint Senators, members of Cabinet, ambassadors
advises Governor General on the need and the date for a federal election.
makes sure concerns of each of the provinces is met
Meet with Premiers to discuss topics of concern (First Ministers Conferences) Christy Clark Darrell Mussatto APPOINTED by Prime Minister
How many members?
Where do they meet?
senate chamber in the parliament buildings
When does Prime Minister appoint new senators?
when vacancies become available
2 main things Senate does:
after a bill is passed in the House of Commons it goes to the Senate where it must be passed before it becomes an official law
before a bill is debated in the House of Commons, Senators give advice and help to make the bill better responsibility?
apply and interpret laws through Canada's court system
made up of...
Supreme Court of Canada
Federal Court
Provincial/Territorial Courts
settles disputes between individuals, between organizations, and between governments. What goes on in this branch of govt?
day-to-day operations of the government happens here
This branch is made up of 2 key players:
Prime Minister
Cabinet (Minister of Finance, Minister of Immigration, etc) Each province/territory has its own govt
Similar to Federal govt in the way they operate
Leader of the political party that wins the most seats becomes Premier of the province.
Other members from different political parties become the opposition
Premier chooses cabinet and they help him/her make decisions.
Differences between provincial and federal govt:
provincial governments have only one legislature that makes laws and do not have a Senate
Queen's representative is called Lieutenant Governor The Legislature has Different Names in Different Provinces: looks after needs in a local area
Mayor is the chair of the elected council
Council members and elected officials make decisions to help a community run smoothly
laws in a community are called by-laws
E.g of a by-law:
no smoking in public places
safe low speed limit in school zones
dogs not allowed to run around without a leash
What are Municipal/Local Services?
garbage collection
police service
fire fighting
parks and snow clearance
How are Municipal Governments paid for
property taxes
user fees
licenses and transfer payments SUPREME COURT OF CANADA
established in 1875
highest court in Canada
a panel of 9 judges appointed by PM
a ruling of the Supreme Court is final
judges must be careful to make fair decisions
only listen to about one hundred of the most important cases each year Canadian Government
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