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The Value of a CSP

No description

Naz Garron

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of The Value of a CSP

36 months experience in Scrum Roles
Months served as
Scrum Master
Product Owner
Team Member
Impact of
retiring Exam
Exam Option
will retire
As of February 1st, 2014 no new applicants will be accepted through the Exam Option for CSP.
2014 Requirements
CSM/CSD in good standing
36 months experience in Scrum Roles
70 Scrum Education Units (SEUs)

Start with 16.
The 16 SEUs earned from the CSM course can count towards the required 70 SEUs.
CSP Process 2014
Future Iteration
At this time we focus on months

Continued discussions are
around moving to hours.

Objective: To prepare CSPs for higher certifications.

Holding a CSP should translate to adequate Scrum Experience
Pilot Data Point #2
Initially applications were submitted with 60 SEUs.

Today it is common to see applications surpassing 70 SEUs.
90 days
for pipeline
To individuals who initiated CSP applications through the Exam option,
we will offer:

90 days to schedule and complete
Ability to transfer application fee
and complete via new process (SEUs).
Pilot Data Point #1
Under 5% of 200+ applicants applied with CSPO only
CSM/CSD Requirement
assures a solid Scrum knowledge base.
Future of CSPO:
Review Learning Objectives.
Scrum Basics should be covered before CSPO
not as part of
Product Owner course.

RESULT: We increased from 60 to 70 SEUs to keep qualitative and quantitative focus.
individuals in remote areas won't have option of exam.
exam has physical location

SEU categories allows for external, User Groups, authoring, training, asynchronous, and synchronous activity.
In a future Sprint, SA will develop
internal synchronous courses.

CSP Exam Reach
CSP via SEU Reach
Next Steps:
Update Website pages
Create Macros/Q&A
Update Castle contract
Craft email to
CSPOs ...

What happens
to the Exam?
*Review/Edit questions
*Future uses:
~ Self-assessment
~ Additional value to CSP
application requirements
~ Way to support exceptions
* Questions

* Comments

* Concerns

CSMs 'KNOW' Scrum
CSPs 'DO' Scrum
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