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6.04 19th Century Changes - Imperialism

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Jordan Ph

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of 6.04 19th Century Changes - Imperialism

Supporting Imperialism
Rejecting Imperialism
6.04 19th Century Changes: Imperialism
By: Jordan Phillips
Nations such as: Britain, France, Russia, and later Japan and others were in need of natural resources that would help them gain money as well as China. China was gaining money, when so many other countries were paying them for their resources. They would also gain power because of all the countries that needed the resources. China had total control over the resources, and if they wanted more money for the resources that the other countries needed, they would get more money. If they wanted more supplies in trade of the resources, they would get more supplies. This had strengthened and empowered China. If the Imperialism of China had never happened, they would not be as advanced in society and wealth as they are today.
The imperialism of China is probably one of the worst things that could have happened to them, considering the state that they were in. They had a weak military, and could not defend anything that came against them, especially the other countries that wanted the goods that China had. Gold and silver was China's main trade between Britain, and it was getting scarce, so the prices were rising. Britain could no longer pay for the gold, but had easy access to Opium, and forced China to take it as a payment. This lead to the first (of many) Opium Wars which was very damaging to China, they should have just accepted that payment, as this would lead to a series of wars, which would weaken China.
Thanks for watching!!
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