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CILIPS Autumn Gathering 2013

Presentation from my #cilipsag13 Parallel Session: Let Them Tweet Cake? Engaging communities through the social media that works for them plus thoughts on spreading the benefits of digital participation. See: http://bit.ly/183LnQV

Nicola Osborne

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of CILIPS Autumn Gathering 2013

Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation

Keep engaging with and learning from others: experts; similar organisations; great examples from other sectors; stuff you enjoy and rate...
No matter what happens, good or bad, success or "soggy bottom" there is always something to learn...
Engaging communities through the social media that works for them, plus thoughts on spreading the benefits of digital participation.
Let Them Tweet Cake?
Warning: May Contain Puns and/or buns...
Social Media Officer
Nicola Osborne
The RSE is now undertaking a major inquiry into how Scotland can ensure that every community benefits from its digital infrastructure, helping to reduce, rather than widen, the social divide.

Bringing together expertise in technology, social science, business, and public service delivery, this represents a concerted effort to address the challenges of low levels of digital participation in Scotland.

A call for evidence has been issued and public events were hosted across Scotland, between March and August 2013, to examine the current uses of digital technologies.

The Interim Findings are expected: 18th November 2013

Digital Scotland: spreading the benefits
Find out more: http://digiscot.net
Follow: @digiscot
And/or the hashtag #digiscot
In older age groups
In areas of multiple deprivation
Among economically disadvantaged groups (unemployed, low paid, low educational attainment)
Among people who are socially disadvantaged, isolated or marginalised (disability, sexual orientation, mental illness)
In areas with slow or unreliable broadband
Among SMEs, especially very small businesses
Among people with disabilities
Among schoolchildren with no internet access at home

We already know that digital participation is lowest...
Findings will likely include:
There is still an issue about participation, particularly among specific groups
Access remains a problem in many areas so a rigid separation between access and participation is misleading
Public authorities could do more to ensure access to public assets
Great potential to change the lives of excluded groups
Issues of cost and availability, as distinct from access and participation.
Do you have the right equipment?
It helps to have a well-stocked store cupboard...
Keep it fresh with seasonal ingredients and ideas
Once you know who you are catering for, what they need, and what you want to achieve, you'll want to consider...
Don't be afraid to experiment with unusual ingredients or ideas....

Whatever you do, do set goals and times to check in, check progress, respond to developments...
Always acknowledge participation and thank your fellow creators...
And be generous - share your experience with others too
Support and advise around 40 projects and services and approx. 80 colleagues.
Author of EDINA Social Media Guidelines, co-author of University of Edinburgh Social Media Guidelines.
Lead Social Media module for University of Edinburgh MSc in Science Communication & Public Engagement, and contribute to MSc in Digital Education.
Royal Society of Edinburgh Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation Inquiry Committee
18 active public-facing blogs
16 active Twitter accounts
7 active YouTube channels
6 active Facebook pages
1 active Google+ page
Social Media is a core communication channel for us...
So, social media... it's a bit like baking...
Who is going to consume what you make?
Before you start you need to consider...
What do they like?
What are their needs and interests?
What are they familiar with?
Do they have dislikes?
Gluten-free cake - catering to a metaphorical allergy...
For instance...
The audience for our organisational social media prefer information and formal content
Our service reps and users like something more playful and informal...
Inspiration for this talk's title
What is the purpose for your showstopper?
What do you want to achieve?
What do you want to communicate?
How do you want your audience to engage?
Is this a one-off event or project, or a long term process?
What would success look like?
Are your expectations realistic?
Demographics matter...
And some may need concerns addressed...
...tastes vary...
About not knowing what to do or how to get started in order to take part.
About what they are expected to do and how they can contribute.
About privacy of personal data (e.g. Prism, NSA, GCHQ activities)
About your use of their data (advertising, marketing, spam)
About the clarity over the sharing of personal information and updates (public vs group vs private)
About the Terms and Conditions social media sites ask you to sign up for.
Do you have the right ingredients?
Existing content that can be adapted or built upon
Ideas for engaging content and projects
Visual materials - image, video, visualisation, etc.
Appropriate branding and authoritative web presences to support your presence
Related organisational, professional, or group presences to follow, connect to, engage with.
Suitable tools (most are free)
Skills and experience, or time to develop skills and experience around social media
Time - the biggest cost of social media. Time to create, to monitor and to respond.
Appropriate materials, equipment, and reliable internet connections that will make
Connections with communications and communities already taking place.
Planning content can help you tie into key events and
keep presences
updated and lively
with good quality
This planned post, scheduled to coincide with the release of the film War Horse, is the most popular post on the JISC MediaHub blog
Creating your own regular features or virtual events helps create a rhythm and consistently recurring type of content
Be flexible, timely, responsive,
useful, relevant...
Social media, especially Twitter, can be essential for responding to unexpected problems.
But be thoughtful about your audience, be clear when you are experimenting, and be alert to problems...
#willhack was a 7 day online hack of Shakespeare data with lots of experimental use of tools, particularly Google+
Encourage and support participation
Do invite people to take part but you also need to help them understand how to do this, to scaffold their learning
[And be realistic about what you expect from them]
... it feels good, it helps build a sense of community, and...
It can lead to new and unexpected opportunities...
Monitor, compare to your goals and plans, reflect on what happened... What would you do again? What would you do differently?
Two genuine baking disasters (style over substance [left] vs substance over style [right])!
And make use of best practice guidelines, policies etc.
Michelin-starred cake: an exemplar for learning and reflection
Talking of which...
Interim Findings will be published in November for comment before a final report in March 2014.
Question for you:
Who are the communities you want to reach?
Where do they hang out online?
What are they interested and comfortable doing with social media?

Question for you:

What do you want to achieve with social media?
What would success look like?
What ingrediants do you have to hand?
Question for you:

What are some of the best social media presences or experiences you would recommend or have enjoyed being part of?
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