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The Hot Zone Part Two

No description

Olivia Salvador

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of The Hot Zone Part Two

The Hot Zone Part Two
Shoot Out
- There was a huge meeting that includes everyone who is involved with the Ebola project including, General Russel, CDC, and the army.
-Joe McCormick (chief of the CDC) lived in Africa, Sudan, in a hut that was full of people dying of Ebola
- The army had taken over the operation, but they were being to cautious
- In the end Center for Disease Control recognizes they were being run down, so they decided that the army will deal with the monkeys, and the monkey house
- The CDC now is going to handle the human outbreaks of Ebola
Part Four
Space walk
- Nancy and Ron are entering a contaminated zone, AA-5
- After preforming the necessary precautions, they preform a necropsy on a dead monkey
- Nancy made sure to handle the blade and infected monkey blood with extreme caution because she could be working with Ebola
- By the end of the necropsy Nancy could not determine whether or not the monkey was infected with Ebola
Chapters 9- 13
Garbage Bags
-Dan Dalgard received a phone call from Colonel C. J. Peters.
- Peters asked Dalgard if he could send some of his workers down to get samples of monkey tissue, and Dalgard agreed.
-When Peters asked Dalgard if he could see the monkey house, Dalgard ignored the request because he wanted to meet him first.
- Dalgard goes to work and calls Bill Volt (the manger of the monkey house) and he informs him about one of the care takers having a heart attack
- Dalgard considers the odds of Ebola and suspends all unnecessary activity in the monkey room
- Dalgard calls the hospital and tells them to call C. J. Peters if anything about the heart attack was unusual but he makes sure not to mention Ebola
- C. J Peters and Nancy Jaax head to a laboratory in Virginia to observe the monkey tissue
-Jaax discovers huge crystalloids in the monkey tissue which is an indication of Ebola
- Peters request samples of monkeys and agrees to meet the manager of the monkey house at a gas station that is out of town
- The manager drives a van carrying the dead monkeys contained in garbage bags
-Jaax and Peters are taken back and scared when they realize that they are not properly protected from the infected monkeys, because the monkeys are only held in garbage bags
-They load the garbage bag full of monkey into Peters car and drive them to Fort Detrick
The Mission
Colonel C. J Peters forms a military action unit to enter the monkey house
- Peters decides that Jerry Jaax will head the team even though Jerry has never worn a space suit
- Johnson and Jaax construct a plan to euthanize all the monkeys in a single room and observe if the virus spreads into other rooms
- The team will treat the entire building as if it was a level 4 hot zone
- The team had three main priorities
1. Safety of the human population
2. euthanize the animals with minimal suffering
3. To gather scientific samples

Mission (cont.)
Chapter 13
- Dalgard invites the army to euthanize the monkeys in room H
- Both Nancy and Jerry Jaax are on this team so there kids have to be left alone while they are in the level four hot zone
- Johnson drives down to Reston to look around
- Johnson is appalled by the lack of safety precautions taken by the workers
- Johnson tries to take shallow breathes to limit the amount of possibly infected air he is exposed to
- However the building manager is eating potentially dangerous infected candy
- Other workers begin to arrive and Nancy Jaax calms them down
- Jaax and Peters enter the building to take a tour
- While in the building Nancy is respectful to the monkeys to avoid possibly being spit on and infected with Ebola, she also notices that their canine teeth are not filed down which makes her even more nervous
- After the tour Nancy returns home to find her kids asleep in bed with Jerry
-Once the kids are put into their own rooms Jerry tells Nancy that her father is gravely ill and she must make the decision weather or not to return home
- Nancy decides to stay and work with the monkeys taking a chance that her father may hold on and live a little longer
-Dalgard goes home after buying his wife flowers and recounts the days events in his computer diary
-Nancy Jaax calls him and tells him the necropsy of the monkeys is inconclusive
- They may have died of Ebola but it is also a possibility they died of simian hemorrhagic fever

Close Reading
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Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Garbage Bags
Page 248
Page 241
Close Reading
Chapter 1: Highway
Author Richard Preston who wrote The Hot Zone travels to Africa to research Margurg and other viruses. He visits Kinshasa Highway to investigate why in the 1970's Aids began appearing along the road. After the trip to the Highway, Preston and his companions head Mt. Elgon and Kitum Cave.
Part Four
Chapter 2: Camp
Richard Preston brought his guide Robin McDonald and a few others to Kitum Cave. Along with him, he brings and guard, who must be there to protect him from poachers. He settles in where Charles Monet camped years ago. Before entering the cave he is sure of putting his space suit on before entering the cave to

Page 274
Page 278
Page 268
Page 270
The End
"Almost all of the people in the world who understood the meaning of Ebola virus were sitting around a long table" pg. 257

"They had both rifled the darkest corners of Africa searching for Ebola, and neither of them had found its natural hiding place" pg. 258

" There is an Army version and there is another version. The big boys are here now. You can just turn this thing over to us before you hurt yourselves." pg.259

"Villagers stood around the hut, but wouldn't go inside. They heard sounds of human agony. They couldn't see into the hut but they knew Ebola was in there" pg. 261

"The first thing he saw was a number of red eyes staring at him. The air inside the hut reeked of blood. People lay on straw mats on the floor. Some were having convulsions- the final phase, as death sets in their bodies rigid and jerking, their eyes rolled back into the head. blood streaming out of the nose and flooding from the rectum" pg 261
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