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Copy of Lesson 5 Different Places, Different Houses

This is a presentation designed for Middle School English 2 Lesson 5. It covers the key concepts of houses and interests

Amy Daniels

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Lesson 5 Different Places, Different Houses

Lesson 5 Different Places, Different Houses Who remembers what we talked about last time? Last lesson's key phrases:

What kind of house do you want to have?

I want to have a big house with a garden. Sumba Island, IndonesiaThese houses are made of bamboo and grass. Livestock such as water buffalo and pigs live under the raised floor, and the people above. The gods are said to live in the pointed part of the roof. In the Tamberna region of Togo, Africa, are
found the famous two-story fortified mud houses
known as ‘Tata Somba’. The ground floor is used
for keeping livestock at night as well as for
cooking. The upstairs is used for sleeping and there
is a rooftop courtyard for drying grains and seeds. This house is in a village near a forest in Romania. If you look closely you will see openings in the roof that look like eyes. The openings are made to let the smoke out. Asking about someone's interests... What are you interested in? Are you interested in _________? 2 ways Let's try some other examples! What kind of ______ do you want to _______? I hope you enjoyed your special presentation! flowers/buy What kind of flowers to do want to buy? fruit/eat What kind of fruit do you want to eat? movie/see What kind of movie do you want to see? pet/have What kind of pet do you want to have? More specifically... I'm interested in ________ . Yes, I am.

No, I'm not. Are you interested in photography? Yes, I am. I especially like nature photography. Are you interested in playing computer games? No, I'm not. I'm interested in reading books. Are you interested in gardening? Yes, I am. I'm interested in growing roses. Are you interested in swimming? No, I'm not. I'm interested in cooking. A little extra... Asking About Interest 관심 What are you interested in?
I’m interested in noun/verb+ing.
Are you interested in noun/verb+ing?
Yes, I am.
No, I’m not. / Not really. Asking about desires for the future… What kind of noun 명사 do you want/like to infinitive verb?
I want/like to infinitive verb.동 Design Your Dream House Contest! In this contest you’re going to design your ideal house for the future.

On the bottom of the page, be sure to include a description of what can be seen at your house. Please keep in mind… The 3 C’s of a drawing contest…
Correct English
Your description should start with…
I want to have a house with a/an adj. + feature. living room
dinning room
study/ office/ library/ computer room
swimming pool View… You can use any viewpoint you want
side split view
front view
overhead view
3 dimensional Today:
Asking about someone's interests!
( = asking about what someone likes) Do you like movies?

What kinds of movies do you like best?

Do you want to see this one?... But first: What are you interested in? = What do you like?

Are you interested in movies? = Do you like movies?

Are you interested in watching "Man of Steel"?
Would you like to watch "Man of Steel"? Asking about someone's interests... Activiy Book, p. 68B Textbook, p. 70 B Textbook, P. 71 D Activity book, p. 70 / 71
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