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Anne Bradstreet

English 11 Multimedia Portfolio Presentation

Danielle Hanifan

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Anne Bradstreet

Anne Bradstreet Anne was an important figure in American literature. She is considered the first American poet and was the first woman to have a book published in the united states. Anne's work brought light to the struggles of a Puritan wife against hardships in New England's colonial life. She also was in a way a testimonial for women also in difficult times back then. Writing her view on their roles as Puritan women, her morality, and her faith. Anne's Purpose Anne lived and wrote during the 1600's. These times were known as the Puritan times, she was born around 1612 and died around 1672. She began writing scholary poems early in her life because her father encouraged her. Around the 1630's Anne started writing poems that were personal and lyrical rather than scholary poems. Bradstreet's poems were intially for her own benefit and as a outlet for stress. Then around the 1650's her work was published in London for all to see. Occasion Orginally Anne's audience was her husband, children and herself. She wrote to educate her children, share the hardships she faced with them and how she coped with her struggles. Her work circulated throughout her family and eventually her poems were published allowing anyone and everyone to become her audience. Her writings had many aspects which addressed to a wide range of readers. Audience Anne was a 17th century woman who wrote about her expirences as a wife, mother, and woman during her time. She wrote about her life, struggles, and work. She had different types of writings such as epics, dialouges, public and privat elegies, love lyrics, long meditative poems and religious verses. She was the first woman to be published and made a huge impact in American literature to say the least. Genre Anne Bradstreet's genre was Poetry. Her writings can be broken down into different types such as epics, dialouges, public and privat elegies, love lyrics, long meditative poems and religious verses, personal, scholary, and lyrical. Anne's style was plain and unornamental. She used lyrical, rythm, and beat in her poems making them logical and easy to understand. She was a strong writer and intuitive.
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