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No description

Vincent Tran

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Airbnb

Cassandra, Sarah, Swati & Vincent
What is Airbnb?
How do they make money?
Airbnb and Globalization

Intro to Airbnb
Airbnb and Globalization
Airbnb and Sustainability

Founded August 2008
Based in San Francisco, CA
Community marketplace where people can list, discover and book unique accommodation worldwide
Connected with 33,000 cities in 192 countries
Sequoia, Y Combinator, Amazon.com, Greylock Partners and Andressen Horowitz

Uses broker’s model: provides customer service, payment handling, $1 million insurance for hosts

Company takes 3% from renter and 6%-12% from traveler (dependents on rental type)
Why Airbnb?
Provides an authentic experience
Looking to expand services to offer end to end experiences by connecting with local chefs
Airbnb Challenges
1. Where was Airbnb founded and in what month/year?

2. What are some advantages of using Airbnb as a host?

3. What are some advantages of using Airbnb as a guest?

Provides unique travel experiences
Varied price range
Allows people to monetize their extra space
Companies within a company
Online or mobile accessible
Influencing Factors:

Reduction in Barriers & New Market System - sharing is caring!

Collaborative Consumption -

peer to peer marketplace which matches people who have assets to rent out with people who needs said assets ~ Culture of “we”

Shared Economic System
– monetize unused assets by renting them out in a peer to peer market place

Rise of Micro-preneurs
- independent and economically empowered
Airbnb and Sustainability

Influencing factors:
Technological Advancement:
Power of the Internet
Reduce marketing costs
Changing role of travel agents
Operational technologies - databases
Airbnb and Globalization

Airbnb & Sustainability

Source of income for hosts
50% of hosts depend on the income to pay rent, mortgages or other household expenses
Tourist’s money is more likely to stay in the community
72% of Airbnb properties in London are outside the main hotel districts, therefore tourism benefits are dispersed more widely
Airbnb & Sustainability

More sharing= less waste > redistributing resources
Environmentally sustainable homes
Green office space
Promote local farmers on lunch menus, organic rooftop, use very little paper
Strengths of Airbnb
Price and Comfort:
Nice hotels are overpriced in comparison to staying in more homely accommodations

Good for families who want to cook themselves, good for younger people in terms of space and noise control -> fit more people in an apartment than a hotel room
Strengths of Airbnb
Spillover Effect:
Tourists/guests extend their stay and spends more money in the destination (help local economy)

Tourists extend their stay and spend more money at the destination
Regulations & Violations


Liability & Fraud

Quality standard
Strengths of Airbnb
Cultural Literacy:

Apartments are more authentic to destination compared to standard hotels

Allows tourists to experience real culture of destination
Would you take part in a shared economy?
Rent out an asset for extra cash? Why or why not?

As Hospitality & Tourism students, do you think ventures like Airbnb might pose a threat by taking away jobs?
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