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Sonke Website Proposal

Three specific areas I would improve on the Sonke website are userability, integration and multimedia.

Jenn Warren

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Sonke Website Proposal

Message Understanding Sonke's Time spent on the site videos Page landings call to
action! user journey the destination site Multimedia Give One Man Can an online For these elements to come
together, we need Interactivity Use strong campaign visuals Highlight campaigns PHOTOS Videos InfoGraphics + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + i have a long journey home in the taxi after work Could this be the way to promote positive change, build a stronger organisational brand, and raise Sonke's global profile all at once? yes. Behaviour Change Communication around the world a FRESH LOOK Userability SITE EXPERIENCE Look We can achieve this through... Combine Sonke Campaigns already run radio spots, but TV/radio serial dramas would reach a much larger audience - like SABC1's widely popular Intersextions every positive change sharing people starts with ideas >Campaigns with far reach Dynamic Website Dynamic Organisation! Sonke's Current Website >Wealth of Information audience men
policy makers
staff highlights photos toolkits campaigns reports news
articles audio press releases Integration >Links to partners >BEHAVIOUR CHANGE >MEDIA >Downloadable reports All great elements, But there are limitations... The homepage can be Campaigns can be the design needs a fresh Viewers need to be directed dynamic and engaging better represented userability
integration multimedia gender equality just, democratic society HIV/AIDS
awareness healthy, happy
relationships support men & boys say no to GBV! citizen
activism ask for more >Sign up for our newsletter

>donate to Sonke

>volunteer in your community

>sign this petition Graphics and text can create
hyperlinks include
images & logos Popular links & pages Technical Suggestions . . . + + = + and see them as part of the Sonke brand is for Sonke or One Man Can? what about ? be consistent with names and logos Use or ? and cross link to increase traffic to all sites Videos
Radio Spots
News In other words, new ways for our audiences to learn and engage news and music are okay, but a serial drama would really capture my attention RADIO shows, dramas & adverts VISUALS Where we Work Toolkits interactive fresh sonke will keep viewers which leads us to: WEBSITE PRESENTATION CPT Communications manager Interview Jenn Warren
5 April 2013 Userability Integration Multimedia and userability
multimedia A lot of strengths COMMUNICATION through the site naturally look to tie it all together speak to multiple audiences make a difference deliverY Larger logo OUR CAMPAIGNS info on homepage Create GET INVOLVED menu with strong integration of fonts and colors reacH more more places use key
webpages identity >Videos Music courtesy of the cinematic orchestra on the website longer advocacy Learn Donate Get Involved Calls to Action, Multimedia, content & Design Integration Exciting media Build Sonke's global profile and raise funds Campaign Materials BCC Website Advocacy people in i could watch it on TV at home too toolkits parents NGOs Posters and stickers

freely available

to the public reach individual donors increase social responsibility FOR Campaigns focus
groups surveys interviews Ask audiences what they want... free downloads available to all
in the gender sector setting standards
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