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Macbeth Intro

SoW Lesson Two

Paul Hanson

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Macbeth Intro

Literature Unit 3
Macbeth (Part Three)
All Write Round Robin
Give One; Get One
William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'
First World War War poetry
With your shoulder partner, you have sixty seconds to list everything you can think of to do with William Shakespeare.
Get up and trade one of your ideas with other people. Stop when you have five.
CA task: Compare the ways writers present heroism.
Timed Pair Share
With your face partner, the person with the longest little finger has sixty seconds to retell what happened in Part Two. Listener, thank them and repeat what they said beginning with 'What I thought you said was...'
Macbeth (Part One)
Use the whiteboards on the desks to answer the following questions.
Macbeth (Part Two)
Answer the review questions on the next slide.
Flash Boards!
Plot and Characters
Make a list of the key characters.

Draw a timeline of the main events.
Context Test
Grab whiteboard and be prepared to answer the questions.
What do the 'weird sisters' (the witches) promise Macbeth?
Who does Macbeth defeat in battle?
What title does King Duncan bestow upon him for the victory?
Who seems the keenest to murder King Duncan?
Macbeth appears to hallucinate? What does he think he sees?
Who gets blame for the murder?
What do King Duncan's sons do after the murder?
What happens to Macbeth's friend Banquo?
What spoils Macbeth's feast?
What is Macbeth's mental state following the murders?

Who does Macbeth visit to hear the prophesy?
Who is Macbeth warned to 'beware'?
Macbeth cannot be killed by anyone... what?
What does Macbeth have done to Macduff's family?
Who goes mad and kills his/herself?
What sneaks up on Macbeth's castle?
Who kills Macbeth at the end?
In groups of four, you have just thirty words to tell the complete story of Macbeth.
All Heads Together
Macbeth: Plot and Characters
Watch the BBC 'Animated Tales'.

Make notes on the plot and characters
Macbeth and Heroism
How heroic is Macbeth? Give reasons to support your opinion.
How Macbeth Changes
As we watched the SparkNotes video, I want you to work out when Macbeth's character changes to each of the following:
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