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KCMO Arts Convergence

Becoming a 21st Century Cultural Center

David Plettner-Saunders

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of KCMO Arts Convergence

"Envision ACKC" the planning process

Becomes "KCMO Arts Convergence" the plan
"Becoming a 21st Century Cultural Center"
KCMO Arts Convergence
KCMO's Cultural "Moment"
public role
vitality coming together
influx of artists and "creatives"
pivotal juncture
recognition of impact
arts history

Community Engagement
Community Cultural Needs
"Art for Arts sake" Extrinsic value
Well-planned city
Cultural equity
Culture in the
Artists & arts organizations
Design economy
Local audiences
Steal the talent!
KCMO Arts Convergence
Goals & Strategies

6. Facilitate the development and use of facilities, venues and spaces for diverse arts activity throughout Kansas City, MO.
7. Showcase and develop the creative potential of Kansas City, MO’s new Google Fiber technology platform.
7. Create a signature festival focused on the region’s artists and cultural organizations, highlighting Kansas City, MO’s arts, culture and creativity.
9. Increase support for economic development of Kansas City, MO’s creative sector.
10. Provide more comprehensive information to residents and workers about available arts and cultural activities and resources.
1. Enhance leadership and funding for the arts and culture sector, including creating a new City Office of Culture and Creative Services.
2. Enhance the existing public art program.
3. Improve access to arts education for all students and adults of all ages.
4. Enhance arts and cultural opportunities available in neighborhoods throughout Kansas City, MO.
5. Enhance services and opportunities for individual artists.
Goals 1 - 5
Goals 6 - 10
1.1 Create a City Office of Culture and Creative Services reporting to the City Manager.

2.1 Expand the public art requirements to include all City capital projects. Also, create a public art master plan.

3. 1 Provide leadership for arts education that builds on the area's current resources.

4.1 Create a neighborhood cultural opportunities program.
Highlighted Strategies
5.1 Celebrate and feature individual artists throughout implementation of this plan.

5.2 - 5.6 Artists funding, convening, leadership positions, training, and facilities/spaces.

6.1 Create a cultural facilities development program.

6.2 Facilitate artists' homesteading and live/work spaces.

More Highlighted Strategies
More Highlighted Strategies
8.1 Support and curate existing festivals toward a longer-term goal of developing a communitywide arts and cultural festival celebrating and promoting KCMO's arts sector and identity.

9.1 Develop a creative economy plan for KCMO's creative sector.

9.3 Expand the current funding program for KCMO's nonprofit arts and cultural organizations.

10.1 - 10.3 Create a communitywide arts and cultural marketing program, advocacy effort, and creative directory.
Highlighted Strategies - 3
Re-allocated city funding and staff
Expanded public art funding
Private philanthropic funding
Federal grants
Partnership resources
1. Lead agency
2. Partner agency(ies)
3. Resources needed (cost)
4. Potential funding sources
5. Start year
6. First steps
KCMO Arts Convergence
What's Next?
City Council
KCMO is the
great creative city
of the Midwest
Questions for Your Consideration
What resonates with you about the plan?
Is anything unrealistic?
Is anything missing?
Find draft plan and provide your feedback: kcmayor.org
Economic Impact, Vitality and Character
Artists & arts organizations
Growing creative business sector
Public art collection
Local festivals and neighborhood activity
State of KCMO's Arts
$1B new investments
Vision: Office of Cultural and Creative Services
The City advances a social and economic environment that bolsters and catalyzes arts, culture and creativity to enrich the lives of its residents and to promote KCMO as the heart of Americ'a Creative Crossroads.
Becoming a 21st Century Cultural Center
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