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Gun Control

No description

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Gun Control

Gun Control
Gun control is a huge issue throughout the world and the united states
The definition commonly accepted in the United States “refers to any action taken by the federal government or by the state governments to regulate, through legislation, the sale, purchase, safety, and use of handguns and other types of firearms by individual citizens” (Lee)
The Two Sides
You are either for gun control or against it, although there are many differant reasons for these stand points
Anti- Gun Control, Why Support It?
Gun Control Supporters: Supporting Reasons
The two stand points have their arguments, but there is no clear right answer here.
Reason 1: Gun Laws and Crime Are Not connected
Levy said “Israel’s ownership rate is 40% higher, but a lower murder rate” “Dodge city is safer than Washington D.C, which has the highest murder rate and the strictest gun control.”
Reason 2: gun laws and crime aren't connected
“most handguns are stolen and passed frequently from criminal to criminal or purchased not by mass gun buyers but by a friend or relation…”(Wright). Stricter laws will not affect these people that do it under the table.
Reason3: “While it is true that with NO guns there would be NO gun accidents, a magically gun free nation is impossible to achieve.”(Wright)
A perfect gun and crime free world is impossible and unrealistic
Reason 1:“The United
States is the leader in gun deaths among industrial nations.”(Gun Control).
This statistic is disturbing and in attempts to try to explain it gun control supporters connect it to gun laws
Reason 2: The constitution Doesn't actually give us that right
Whereas the second amendment does guarantee the right to bear arms, only in connection with the service in a “well-regulated militia”(Haerens).Unfortunately for anti-gun control people, this militia “is not simply another word for armed citizenry” (Haerens).
Reason 3: “No evidence exists for a general deterrent effect of fire arms”(hemenway)
The anti-gun control people argue: “society would be safer if more people carried concealed guns in public”, but ,in fact, Alexy argues that “the gun may help you when it’s by your side, but who’s to stop someone from taking it when left unattended”.
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