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Are Bullfrogs Helpful or Harmful?

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Kelsey Moore

on 11 September 2016

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Transcript of Are Bullfrogs Helpful or Harmful?

Are Bullfrogs Helpful or Harmful?
What policies or laws could be kept in place to prevent bullfrogs from invading Hawaii?
The difference in the dorsolateral ridges in a bullfrog vs a green frog
Not all bullfrogs have dorsolateral ridges. However, all green frogs have them. The main difference between the ridges is that they run along the length of the back on the green frog and they go around the ear drum then onto the back on a bullfrog.
Are there any natural barriers dividing the east and west side of the map? Would Bullfrogs have expanded if they were no introduced?
Yes, there is a big difference between the amount of bulfrogs in the east verse the west and the reason for that is the Rocky Mountains. They divide the East and west side of the United States. This makes it har for bullfrogs to get over the mountains on to the west side on their own. Becaus of the natural barrier there would not be many ,if any, bullfrogs on the wstern side of the U.S if humans had not introduced them.
Biology Project
(answer on next slide)
Hawaii has a law where only native species are allowed into the state and bullfrogs are not native to Hawaii. Therefore the state is trying to get rid of all species that are not native there. They also don't want frogs in the state because they are just eaten and harmed instead of providing a safe environment.
Green Frog
Which organism is going to be affected most by the bullfrog invasion?
Mosquitoes are going to be most affected by the introduction of the bullfrog. People living out west are going to notice a huge decrease in the mosquito population. The reason for the decrease in mosquitoes is because frogs eat them.
A bullfrogs niche
Bullfrogs eat pretty much anything that is smaller than they are. This includes smaller fish, mosquitoes and even smaller frogs. They like to live in warm, non flowing water that has lots of aquatic plants in it.
Why do ecologist suggest that controlling the species is better than elimination?
Ecologist suggest controlling the species is better than elimination because they are some what helpful to the environment. For example, they decrease the mosquito population which help decrease the risks of humans getting viruses from them. If we completely wiped out the frog population it would do more harm than benefit.
Would you recommend that bass are an effective way to control bullfrog population? Why or why not?
No this is not an effective way to control bullfrog population. The amount of bullfrogs ad bass don't really have an correlation at all. For example, when there were 29,000 bass there were 11,000 frogs but when there where 10,000 bass there 8,000 frogs. This explains that there were more frogs with more bass in the water. Therefore this is not a good way to control a bullfrog population.
What three toxicants would be most effective for controlling bullfrog population?
Caffeine, Chloroxylenol , and Rotenone and Permenthrin would be the moss effective to control the bullfrog population. This has been proven because all three of these toxins killed 100 percent of the population they were sprayed on.
What does this statement mean: "These compounds should undergo stringent testing to examine for any effects that could occur on nontarget species?
This means that research should be done to find out what is happening to other species when these toxins are sprayed to kill the bullfrogs.
Why would Laura not want to work as Professor Roberts' assistant?
Laura does not want to kill the species because she doesn't see the good in it. She does realize they have harmed native wildlife but she still doesn't want to hurt/ kill the bullfrogs.
Can trapping be used to control bullfrog populations? How did you come to this conclusion?
Yes, trapping is an effective way of controlling bullfrogs. I know this because in the chart the overall frogs removed keeps growing as the nights go on
Which species will be least impacted by the introduction of bullfrogs?
Based on the graph, Northern Pacific Tree frogs will be least impacted because the population grew when they were put in competition with the Red-legged Frog. While the population of the Northern Pacific Treefrog grew the population of the Red-legged frog shrunk so thus proves that Northern Pacific Frogs are more well fitted for the environment.
California Red-legged frog
Northern Pacific Tree Frog
eats Pacific tree frogs and California mice
need dense vegetation to live in
breed from November to end of March
threatened from growth of cities
aquatic biome
breed from winter to spring
eat insects
predators: other species of frogs, raccoons, Virginia opossums, fish, and birds
Why might one native species be more resilient than the other?
The California Red- legged frog is more likely to survive better when bullfrogs are introduced because it has a longer breeding season. Also the only thing that is killing them is cities being built while the Northern Pacific Tree frog has many predators including the California Red-egged frog.
by Kelsey Moore
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