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What Materials Can Block WiFi Connection?

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Emoji Prodigy

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of What Materials Can Block WiFi Connection?

Email Address
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Background Research
The purpose of my project is to find out what keeps my WiFi from working and why it keeps turning off
If the mass of the blocking material is increased, then my WiFi strength will decrease.
A man name George majoring in science, did an experiment where they took a remote control and a car and covered it with materials to see if the remote control can make the car still move. They saw that metals like copper reflects and absorbs radio waves.
A boy names Tomas wants to know if the amount of materials he uses to block WiFi will change his outcome. He found out that radio waves can go through or around objects, no matter how much of it there is.
Work Experience
By: Olawale Ogunshote
What materials can block a WiFi signal?
Room 401 7th Grade
What Materials Can Block WiFi Connection?
Strength of the radio waves
Strength of WiFi without blocking it
Controlled Variable:
Key Words:
Key Words
Independent Variable:
Metal, plastic, and paper materials
Dependent Variable:
Wireless router
WiFi enabled device
Program to analyze the strength of the WiFi signal
Blocking materials to test

Ex: Aluminum foil, human body, leather
1. Download a program that measures WiFi strength

2. Build platforms out of the materials needed

3. Set up my laptop and hold up my materials between my laptop and the router

4. Fill the chart in with the DBM measurements
The materials made out of iron have the greatest effect

The DBM got lower when I connected more technology to the WiFi

The atoms in iron materials reflect or absorb radio waves

Paper has almost no effect on radio waves
Radio Waves
My claim was that iron materials would cause a greater effect to the radio waves by blocking it. Evidence for that is that during my experiment, the aluminum foil and steel pans were the most effective. They had the lowest DBM average out of all the other materials. This proves that my claim is right. Another claim that I had was that paper items like cardboard wouldn't affect the radio waves that connect the router and the device together. My claim was proven wrong during the experiment. The DBM was affected, even though it wasn't much, it was the factor that had the smallest outcome.

Therefore, my claim was right because the iron materials used in the experiment caused the greatest difference than any other material.
Procedure & Conclusion
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