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Touch Screen Technology

No description

sarandon smith

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Touch Screen Technology

Touch Screen Technology
The beginning...
The first of any touch screen technology was created in 1965 by E.A Johnson for British airways and used by air traffic controllers. This was the first of the touch screen technology and could only read one touch at a time.
Multi-touch hits the stage...
In 1982 the first multi-touch tablet was created by Nimish Mehta who was a student at the University of Toronto. He is credited with multi-touch that is in many of the devices we use today.
Lemur was a system created by French computer scientists that incorporated multi-touch technology into gaming devices. The popular device with this system was Jazz Mutant, a music producing game.
Topic 4
In touch screen technology, there are three main systems used to recognize a person's touch. The three main systems are the Resistive system, the Capacitive system, and the Surface Acoustic Wave system.
In today's society, touch screens are used alongside many other technologies. Devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones all utilize touch screens. Some of the more advanced uses of touch screens include dual touch screen laptops, bendable touch screens, and interactive surfaces. Touch screens are used in professional as well as education settings. Devices such as smart boards have recently replaced white boards. Touch screens are also used in recreational settings. Games such as the rubiks cube have been recreated using touch screens. Other games such as giant virtual air hockey and the Nintendo DS all use touch screen technologies.
PLATO IV was a touch screen computer used in Illinois. It mainly used infrared touch panels to sense touch. It was being used in schools where students would answer questions on the screen and be prompted through a survey.
Jazz Mutant
Using multi-touch technology
Multi-touch in the market.
Two years later Bell Labs applied Nimish Mehta's findings into creating the first Multi-touch screen. Because of this users now could use more than one finger to manipulate graphics ect.
Capacitive System
The capacitive system contains a layer with an electric charge. When the user makes contact with the layer, some of the electric current is sent through the user. This electrical discharge allows the coordinates to be calculated by a computer.
Surface Acoustic Wave system
The Surface Acoustic Wave system contains reflectors and two transducers on the glass of the monitor. The reflectors reflect an electrical signal that is sent between the two transducers allowing any touch to be located instantly located.
Resistive system
The Resistive system is made of two layers. When these two layers make contact, an electric signal runs through the two layers and a computer is used to calculate the coordinates.
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