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John Wayne Gacy "The Killer Clown"

No description

Kailee Norris

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of John Wayne Gacy "The Killer Clown"

John Wayne Gacy "The Killer Clown"
John's Childhood
John's love life
John married Marlynn Myers, who gave him two sons and a daughter and then divorced him when he was 26.
John married a second time to Carole Hoff. Carole had two daughters of her own but again later down the road filed for a divorce.
John never ended up graduating from high school.
That still didn't stop him from graduating from business school though.
Charges and sentencing
During his early teen years his dad abused him while under the influence of alcohol.
John participated in boy scouts and also went to a catholic school.
From about the age of 11 to 16 john suffered from a series of blackouts caused by blood clots.
When John was 17 he was diagnosed with a heart ailment
John would always start out by making his victims pass out using a rag soaked in chloroform.
After they would blackout he would tie them up and stand in front of them until the would wake up.
After they woke up and realized what was going on they would realize Gacy was standing infront of them revealing his body.
John would then violently rape his victim with different sex objects.
After he raped them he would then murder them and place their dead bodies in the crawl space or in the near by river
John Gacy Case
John's education
Gacy's method to killing
victim characteristics
They were normally teenage boys
They typically worked with Gacy in his business
His plans were to rape and murder the victim and steal their car and place it in a collection
Even though his target was teenage boys, he would go after married men too
Several cases lead back to John, Investigator Kautz.
Kautz took the case into his own hands and searched Gacy's house
Kautz found pills, books about sex between boys and man, handcuffs with a key, a 3 foot long 2X4 with holes at each end, a 6mm pistol, police badges, and an 18" dildo.
After a rancid odor they searched the crawl space and there was a "distict smell of death" and they later found dead bodies.
John Gacy was charged with 33 murders which were mainly of teenage boys.
12 of the murders he was sentenced to death.
For the other 11 he was only sentenced to life in prison
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