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Middle Ages Timeline

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Amanda Johnson

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Middle Ages Timeline

Middle Ages Timeline
1087-1135 CE
Reign of King William Rufus (son of William)
William (the Red) invades Wales and builds Castles
William dies 1100 and brother Henry I takes his place
Henry I reigns from 1100 - 1135CE
1st Crusade = Jerusalem is re-taken from Muslims by order of Pope Urban II (1099)
The Knights Templar founded to protect Jerusalem and European pilgrims on their journey (1118)
1135 - 1154 CE
Reign of King Stephen (nephew of Henry I)
Second Crusade
The reign of King Henry II (grandson of Henry I)
Kremlin build in Moscow (1156)
The Hanseatic League if founded (1158)
The first of many Inquisitions begins (1184)
Thomas a Becket is murdered in Canterbury Cathedral
1066-1087 CE
Reign of King William the Conqueror
Battle of Hastings
Defeat of Harold Godwinson
Building of Norman castles in England
Tower of London
William the Conqueror dies
September 9th 1087
1189-1199 CE
Reign of King Richard I (third son of Henry II)
Richard the Lionheart embarks on the Third Crusade
William Longchamp, the Bishop of Ely was appoint his regent
3rd Saladin manages to unite the Muslim world and recapture Jerusalem (1189-1199)
Prince John opposes the powerful Bishop Longchamp and lays siege to the Tower of London
1199-1216 CE
Reign of King John (5th son of Henry II)
4th Crusade; sacs Constantinople (1200)
Children's Crusade (1212)
Baronn's Revolt (1214-1215)
Magna Carta is signed (1215)
King John loses the Crown Jewels according to legend (1216)
1216-12172 CE
Reign of King Henry III (Son of John)
Only 10 years old
New provisions of Oxford established new form of government = limited regal authority (1258)
Welsh Prince Gruffydd imprisoned and fell to his death in attempt to escape (1241-1244)
The Barons War: led by Simon de Montfort and forced king to submit to a government with Parliament (1263-1267)
1272-1307 CE
Reign of King Edward I (son of Henry III)
Rudolph I of Germany is elected Holy Roman Emperor (1273)
Thomas Aquinas' work, Summa Theologiae is published (1295)
Marco Polo publishes his tales of China (1295)
William Wallace emerges as the leader of the Scottish resistance to England
1307-1327 CE
Reign of King Edward II (Son of Edward I)
The Knights Templar are gathered and murdered by Philip the Fair with approval of the Pope (1307)
The Great Famine (1311-1315)
Roger Mortimer leads the barons in a rebellion and escapes to France with his lover Isabella of France (Edward's wife)(1324)
King forced to abdicate and give throne to son, Edward III
1327-1377 CE
Reign of King Edward III (son of Edward the II)
1st outbreak of Black Death in Asia (1328)
100 Years War Starts (1337)
Black Death arrives in Europe (1347)
Black Death reaches England (1348-1349)
1377-1399 CE
Reign King Richard II
Chaucer begins to write The Canterbury (1380)
Peasants Revolt in England (1381)
The Bible translated into English by John Wycliffe (1382)
John of Gaunt died and King Richard seized his lands (1399)
King Richard II was condemned a tyrant
1399-1413 CE
The reign of King Henry IV (grandson of Edward III, son of John Gaunt)
Henry invaded England and took the throne from the king
Died from leprosy and epilepsy
1413-1422 CE
Reign of King Henry V (son of Henry IV)
Lollard Revolt (1414)
Battle of Agincourt and English claims to the French Crown (1415)
Wars with France left England deeply in debt

1422-1461 CE
Reign on King Henry VI (son of Henry V)
Dual Monarchy of England and France
Joan of Arc lifts the siege of Orleans for the Dauphin of France (1429)
Capture, trial, and execution of Joan of Arc (1430)
The Medici family rises to prominence in Florence
Leonardo da Vinci is born (1452)
100 Years War ends (1453)
Johann Gutenberg prints the first of his bibles (1455)
The Wars of the Roses begins in England
Reign of King Edward IV (youngest son of Edward II)
Lancastrian King Henry VI and wife imprisoned (1465-1470)
Henry briefly restored to power in 1470
Last Lancastrian king was murdered, possibly ordered by King Edward (1471)
William Caxton sets up a printing press in Westminster
Edward IV = womanizer ;)
1461-1483 CE
1483 CE
Young Edward V (eldest son of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville) should have reigned
On his way to coronation but was intercepted by his uncle (Richard III)
Put into tower, where he mysteriously disappeared
Reign of King Richard III (uncle of Edward V)
Parliament declares 2 little princes illegitimate and Richard Duke of Gloucester becomes king (June 25, 1483)
Lancastrian rebellion rose against Richard and he fell in the Battle Bosworth Field to Henry Tudor (Aug 22, 1485)
The Wars of the Roses ends and Tudor dynasty begins
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