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13.1 RNA

No description

Kelli Trask

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of 13.1 RNA

13.1 RNA
What is RNA?
RNA is a nucleic acid
Review: What is another type of nucleic acid?

Think About It...
DNA is the genetic material of cells. The squence of nucleotide bases in the strands of DNA carries some sort of code. In order for the code to work, the cell must be able to understand it.
What, exactly, do those bases code for?
Where is the cell's decoding system?
The Role of RNA
How Does RNA differ from DNA?
Sugar= Ribose
Sugar = Deoxyribose
Single stranded
Double stranded
Nitrogen Bases = A, U, C, G
U = uracil
Nitrogen Bases = A, T, C, G
Genes contain coded DNA instructions that tell cells how to build proteins
Step 1 in building proteins is to copy the gene from DNA into RNA
3 Types of RNA
Most RNA molecules function in the production of proteins
Copy of the instructions for making a protein
Created in the nucleus directly from DNA
The TRANSPORTER (transfer)
Carries the correct amino acid needed for making a protein
The ROOM (ribosomal)
Many put together help to make the ribosome where proteins are made
How do cells make RNA?
with a process called transcription
Segments of DNA that codes for a gene is used as the template
Using complementary base pairing the RNA strand is made
Review: What nitrogen base found in DNA is NOT found in RNA?
What is the base in RNA?
RNA polymerase is the enzyme responsible for separating the DNA strand AND adding the correct nitrogen bases creating the new RNA strand
RNA polymerase binds to promoter regions on DNA
Promoters are specific sequences of DNA that indicate where RNA polymerase should begin making RNA
RNA Editing
Sometimes part of the RNA needs to be cut out
Pieces cut-out and removed from the mRNA strand are called introns
Introns stay IN the nucleus
and are not part of the active gene
Exons EXIT the nucleus and are sent to the ribosome to make the protein
The pieces left after the introns are removed are
spliced (glued) together and are called Exons
Let's Review
What are the 3 types of RNA?
Identify 3 ways RNA and DNA are Different.
What part of the mRNA leaves the nucleus to make the protein?
What type of RNA contains a copy of the DNA code?
What type of RNA makes up the Ribosome?
What is transcription?
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