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Spirited Away

No description

Riddhi P.

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Spirited Away

Our opinions
Our opinion on the whole story is that it taught as a lot. People still are selfish and only think about themselves. We have learned to care and respect people. You should also not wander off anywhere to an unknown place because you have no idea what happens next in future. Chihiro was an immature young girl that didn't have lots of understanding but she went through lots and also got forced to do hard tasks that she didn't imagine she had to do. her parents were with her and she wasn't familiar with any chores. A lesson that i learned is to not to be so dependent on your parents because they are not with you your entire life.
The Motifs
Setting of the movie
In the movie Spirited Away, there have been many settings. The main setting is a traditional japanese bathhouse.
Major Conflict
After Chihiro and her family accidentally wander into a spirit world and her parents turn into pigs, Chihiro struggles to stay focused on her goal of freeing her parents because of the other distractions involving greed and consumption.
Spirited Away
Hi, we are Riddhi and Arhum. We are going to talk about a movie that we have watched in class called Spirited Away. We will tell you what happened in it, the setting, problem, and characters. We are going to reflect back on the movie and tell you guys what we have learned by watching this movie. You will also get to know our opinions on the movie.Not only that but you will also get to know about the conflict ,rising action , climax,motif etc.
Spirited Away
By :Riddhi Arhum

Chihiro /Sen/Heroine
Chihiro is a regular spoiled girl. When we first meet her she is angry because her parents are moving the family to a new town and she doesn’t want to go. Underneath Chihiro’s childish behavior she is a full of maturity and knowledge that Chihiro isn’t aware of. One sign of her maturity is that she always acts with caution and intelligence. For example, when Chihiro’s father decides to explore the abandoned theme park, Chihiro’s thinks that it’s not a good idea.She is also not greedy like many others.Her heart is as pure as gold.She also risks her life for her friends many times.
There are many lessons that we can learn from this movie .One thing that I learned was if you are not greedy like Chihro then in the end you will be the one that gets benefits.
"Spirited Away" is a movie based on a girl named Chihro who becomes trapped in a world full of spirits, ghosts.In this world she faces many danger and with her confidence and determination she goes through all of them.She meets a boy named Haku who helps her through her journey.In this world she faces evil such as Yubaba.
The climax is when Sen gets on a train to go see Zeniba, who has the key to helping Sen reclaim her identity as Chihiro, saving Haku’s life,and determining the fate of Chihiro’s parents
One of the motifs in this story is greed.It is taught how to how to overcome greed and how have pure heart.Another motif is about the environment.In the movie there is part about the stink river god.It shows how much pollution and dirtiness we are causing the earth.We are only thinking about ourselves and not even thinking about the environment.Another motif if food.In the movie there are many food related themes.
More Lessons
What we have learned from Spirited Away is not to be selfish. Being selfish is not good because if you think others first, you will achieve more. What I mean by that is if you think about others first, others will want to become like you. For example, Chihiro has lost her parents as they turned into pigs, Chihiro knowing the fact that her parents aren't with her,yet she thought about Haku first. She was being selfless and thinking about Haku first. If she saved her parents first, she would've benefited from it because she needs her parents. Chihiro thought about Haku first and even if she didn't know him well. Also no matter how much you grow or how much you stay alone, you will always need your parents.
The twin sisters Yubaba and Zeniba teach Chihiro that good and evil both exist in the world, and often exist within the same person.Yubaba represents evil and can be quite scary. Yubaba trusts no one and assumes that everyone is as sly and greedy as she is, but she loves her baby boh. She is very affectionate towards him.

Haku is a young mysterious boy that chihro finds in the spirit world.Haku helps Chihro to find her true name and return back home.Chihro values his friendship so much that she actually risks her life for him. Haku’s treatment of Chihiro is sometimes kind and sometimes bad, and Chihiro later learns that Yubaba controls him. Haku is very weak and he cannot leave the spirit world because he doesn't know his name.
At first Zeniba seems as evil as her sister, but Zeniba is actually good. At one point she says that she and Yubaba are complete opposites even though they are identical twins. While Zeniba threatens to kill Haku for stealing her seal, she later forgives him. She also hates greed and evilness including her sister Yubaba. Zeniba's intelligence helps everyone to discover their true identities and abilities.
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