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AIESEC intro

No description

Warren Hsiao

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of AIESEC intro

Back in 1948... The AIESEC Model More and more countries
joined the network.

60 years later... in 2010 110 Countries and Territories
1.700 Universities
45.000 Members
8.000 Internships
7.800 Leadership Roles
4000 Partners & Sponsors
470 Conferences
62 Years of Existence 6 Local Committees
14 Universities
200 Members
3 National Conferences
4 National Partners AIESEC
LUND!! Problem: How to improve mutual understanding
among the people from different countries in the world? Solution:
- National conferece:Lead 2010
Largest and most successful in Nordic during 10 years

With the companies
- Projects
1. China project, 800 companies contacted
2. CleanTech Project, doing survey to all the
clean-tech companies in Skane
- 4 corporate partners

With the students
- 10 students going on exchange,
- 2 interns working in Lund

Exchange! Development, Education, Sustainability CHU MI ^ . < Vision. Skills Global Network and Learning Evironment AIESEC Alumni

Cavaco Silva - Former President of Portugal
Martti Ahtisaari - Former President of Finland, 2008 Nobel Peace Prize laureate
Helmut Kohl - Former Chancellor of Germany
Janez Drnovsek - Former President of Slovenia
Junichiro Koizumi - Former Prime Minister of Japan
César Gaviria - Former President of Colombia
Kofi Annan - Secretary-General of the United Nations, 2001 Nobel Peace Prize laureate
Ratan Tata - Chairman of the Tata Group
Nandan Nilekani - Former CEO of Infosys Technologies Ltd Why are we motivated? What do we gain from AIESEC? "Impact" Leadership Roles in AIESEC Lund Local committee president
Vice President - Finance
Vice President - Communication
Project Manager - Incoming Exchange
Project Manager - Outgoing Exchange
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