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Teen Wolf

No description

jordan samel

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf
Riasing action
Ethan and Aiden there twins in high school. Ethan and Aiden are two of the 5 alphas. Ethan is gay with Danny but Danny doesn't know that he is a wolf. Aiden is straight with Lydea. Lydea does know that he is a wolf.
Ethan & Aiden
A Antagonist is a bad guy. The bad guy in my story is Deucalion and he is an Alpha along with 5 other Alphas. But he is the Alpha of Alphas.
The Protagonist is the main characters, The good guys. A person that has a goal like in teen wolf Scott McCall has a goal to become an alpha. For Scott thats hard for him to do because of the Antagonist which is Deucaloin.
Derek Hale was a wolf his whole life. In high school there was a girl that he liked a lot, her name was Piage.When she died in high school he never went out with another girl since his love was that stronge for her.
Derek Hale
Isaac Lahey was just turned into a wolf not long before a girl almost saved him.Ethan and Aiden were chasing them and they killed the girl. Isaac stayed alive and now he's a wolf.
Stiles isn't a wolf but he does know a lot about wolves. He does know Scott, Derek and Isaac. Stiles dad is the sherriff of the county.
Isaac Lahey
Lydea is a teen herself but she was dating Jackson for a couple of years. Lydea is not a wolf or a witch but nobody knows what she is.
Allison is not a wolf but her and her family are wolf hunters. She doesn't want to be a hunter because she is dating Scott. Scott knows that her family are wolf hunters. He is very scared but he doesn't care because he loves her.
In teen wolf Scott starts to struggle because he knew that something was going on with him. he started to see alot clearer, hear alot better,got alot stronger and alot more.
After a little while he got used to it and he figures out how he can start to use it more from Derek. Derek can help him with trying to kill the Alphas.
falling action
A Resolution is a change in life. Like Scott was a normal teenager. Then he change to a wolf. That you cant ever get rid of or get were normal life back.
Inciting Incident is something that calls the Protagonist for action.
Scott and his Inciting Incident is when the Alphas try somthing sneeky.
Inciting Incident
Climax is a turning point and the most hardest time in life.
Scotts most hardest time in his life is when his team goes across the state. They stay the night in a motel. Thats were Scott thinks that before he's a wolf that he was useful but Stiles calms him down.
Falling Action
Excposition is the part of a play or work of fiction in wich the background to the mian conflict is introduced. Exposition for Scott is the other mian characters that he really know the characters like Danny, Doc, Jackson..............
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