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KRE Consulting - Corporate Presentation

We are the company that you can lean on when stuff needs to get done. Our leaders manage projects with the mindset of a business architect. Questions? Contact us at info@kre-associates.com or at 949.734.0279

Erich Kreidler

on 25 February 2017

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Transcript of KRE Consulting - Corporate Presentation

We are
that drive

for our clients and thrive on engagements that drive large scale
business transformation

We are an organization of high
intellectual curiosity
that is comfortable asking
questions to help our clients develop creative solutions

We are leaders who
manage projects
with the mindset of a
business architect
and the mentality of a
change manager

We are the company that you can lean on when
projects need to get done

who are we?

contact us
We actually MEAN IT!


Each engagement is a mission that must be completed by doing the
right things,
right way
with the
right intentions
for our clients' success

Our approach consists of extracting the
trapped within our clients' organizations to become drivers of strategic transformation

project management and business architecture to fit with our
clients' specific needs

how do we engage?
We actually MEAN IT!
Project Management and Execution
"We understand that each company is unique with its own culture, processes and approach to fulfill its mission. We also understand that
the most powerful solutions most often come from within
, rather than outside the organization. Therefore, our job is to enable the flow of knowledge that is resident in our customers' employees."

-Roberto Quintanilla, Business Architect

Business and Systems Architecture
Change Management
our service offerings

We strive to
to deliver
projects and contribute to the healthy
of the business

why kre?

Value priced alternative
- top tier management consultants within a reasonable rate structure

consultants with highly relevant business and industry knowledge

Consultants who take our clients very seriously and ourselves not as seriously - the un'Consultants' if you will
What you can expect from kre:
"kre was instrumental in getting our industry organized and transformed. We relied heavily on their skills to execute major engagements and align all our stakeholders across storage operators."

--Lance Watkins, CEO StoreLocal
Resource and Vendor Mobilization
Meaningful project management is both an
and a
There is more to project management than adhering to a predetermined set of rules. You have to consider what makes each project unique to tailor the appropriate methodology and best practices.

Our service offerings leverage industry standards that we customize to execute your projects in the following areas:

Setup and run Project and Program Management Offices (PMO)
. Provide a holistic view of multiple projects by aligning them to standards, metrics and business purpose.

Project Planning and Implementation
. Plan and balance the triple constraint (scope, cost and time) during its implementation. Monitor project execution and trigger changes when required.

Project Mobilization
. Define the project teams, internal and external resource requirements, project charter and all the activities required for project lift off.

Project Management Training
. Provide an integrated training program employees who have project execution responsibilities. Our programs focus on bringing immediate value by customizing the curriculum, exercises and deliverables to the actual project responsibilities of the participants.

The role of the business architect is to translate the
of the organization into

"We have elevated the role of the business architect. This is probably one of the most important but also most underestimated roles on a project that
ensures the project's relevance in the organization

--Herag Haleblian, Managing Partner
Implementing change can also be one of the most challenging initiatives that companies must tackle. While the mechanics can often be engineered, the “people” element is the biggest obstacle to successful change initiatives.

At kre we help our clients to successfully shape, initiate, plan, and execute change initiatives via the following services:

Catalyst for change
. Breaking habits requires a catalyst and an engagement with kre can help provide the inflection point needed to get change started

Change strategy.
Developing and communicating a clear, easy to understand vision that includes fundamental operating principles

Change tactics.
Implement tactical tools and approaches that clearly describe who is responsible for doing what, how it will be done and when it needs to be done by

Adoption: Getting change to "stick"
. Work closely with your teams to help them embrace and “culturalize” change
"Change management is an integral part of transformations. We build change management practices into project management and business architecture by design"

--Steve Kerler, Principal
Medium and large projects typically require expertise from many internal organizational units and external partners. The project initiation phase is particularly important because the
from all contributing members must be
fully aligned

kre will help you to establish an ecosystem that provides alignment to and from all stakeholders to the project's success. Key elements in this phase include:

Compose RFP/RFI documents
selection process

Project Mobilization
. Setting up the project charter, kick off meetings and establish project cadence

Resource Management
. This includes ensuring all internal functional areas required have the right level of involvement and negotiating contracts for resource needs.
"Major projects typically involve skills or scale that outside partners can provide.
How you set up the ecosystem
with the right checks and balances
determines how good or hard a time you have in your project

--Jay Rhee, Principal
"At the end of the day, it is about finding a
way to
get things done.
If properly applied, project management makes execution look easy".

Erich Kreidler, Managing Partner
Professor, University of Southern California
KRE Consulting
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