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Lost Island

No description

Tyler Numedahl

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Lost Island

Lost Island Waterpark Travel: If you drive there, there is only gas cost. The amount of time depends on how far away you are from waterloo. From Ossian to Waterloo is 72.8 miles. Location: Lost Island is in southeast waterloo, Iowa Activities at the park: The major water slides
there are the Molokini Crater, calypso
Cascade, Kiwi koaster, Samoan splash,
Polynesian plunge, Jade Rapids, and more Hotels: Some of the hotels in waterloo
that you can stay in are the destination
INN, Waterloo Inn, Best Western St. Jacobs Country INN, Hotel laurier, Comfort inn waterloo ontario, and many more. The price of your hotel depends on how nice of a hotel you want to stay in. cheaper hotels are around 70 dollars. For really nice hotels more around 200 or 300 for a really nice hotel.
cost: Addmition for one person at the door is 23.39
Admition for one person off the internet is 22.49
2 day pass is 42 dollars
3 year olds and younger are free at the park restraunts: they have many different
kinds of restraunts in waterloo. They
have japenese, Asian, indian, Cafes, mexican, american restraunts and
more. activities outside the park:
There are alot of parks and recreational areas around waterloo. There is also a golf course down the road from the Water Park Lots of family fun
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