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Tutor Topics Training

No description

Spokane Community College SCC

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Tutor Topics Training

Tutor Topics Training
Questioning & Feedback

Question Types


Study Habit


Question Types, Cont.
Closed Questions

Open-Ended Questions
Bloom's Taxonomy
Who is this Bloom dude?

...and what is a taxonomy, anyway?

The Walk Away
1. Developing your questioning and feedback skills are one of the most important things you will do as a tutor.

2. There is no "perfect" response in any situation. Keep what you've learned in mind and always work to improve your skills.
Learning Outcomes
1. Deepen understanding of different levels and types of questioning techniques.

2. Increase your understanding and implementation of the different types of positive reinforcement used in tutoring.
Questioning Exercise
Work in groups
For each level of Bloom's Taxonomy, develop one question.
Your questions should span the different question types:
Study Habit
Giving Feedback
Shout out to Carol Dweck
Exercise: Person Praise v. Process Praise
Bloom, Benjamin S. Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (1956).
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